Wes Hampson

Wes Hampson

Wes Hampson’s Uncertainly Album Hits The Mark

Wes Hampson dropped his new album titled Uncertainty and it doesn’t seem uncertain about songwriting or genre. What this album does is take a heavier sounding alt-rock sound and clean it up without dropping any energy or guts. As drummer, Hampson provides himself with a great backbone for  most songs and as a guitarist, he takes influences from some of the rock bands of decades passed and does it all acoustically. Again, this doesn’t slow down any of the drive of  the album whatsoever as the record unfolds you get tastes of a wonderment of guitar movements along with powerhouse songs like “Wander”. A song with a plentiful sound and vocal hooks and harmonies. A deep rooted jam that feels good to listen to. “Nothing Will Change” is one for the records as it’s full bodied songwriting is lined with floating melodies that so stick with you after the song has ended. Here is what he had to say about his release: 

“The single is a pretty solid introduction into my style as a musician: heavy drums, driving riffs, and ear-catching melodies throughout. What you’re hearing on Uncertainty is really my first attempt at creating full-length songs entirely by myself, and I’ve already got ideas cooking for the future. Moving forward, I’d like to delve into heavier sounds, like that featured on ‘…And That’s All She Wrote’, as well as explore more psychedelic textures like what you hear on ‘The Sun’.”

Wes Hampson – Wander

Wes Hampson – Temptation

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