Weesp from Belarus have released their brand new album “Боль” (which means ‘Pain’ in Belarussian). The sound is heavy and pensive, so are the meanings that’ve been put into this music.

The album was recorded in spring 2020 and the release was postponed several times for different reasons (Covid and the revolution happening now in Belarus). But especially now in view of the protests in Belarus the messages of the ‘Pain’ are particularly relevant.

From the band: “We’ve been raised in an atmosphere of fear, injustice and hopelessness. At the same time we’ve always been surrounded by so many talented people that managed to move ahead and create beautiful things in spite of everything. We see their pain. We feel this pain too. So we wanted to bring hope, faith and support to this album message.”

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Weesp say they are planning a tour to support “Hurt” after the victory of the revolution in Belarus. Until then, the band might put on a few shows.

Weesp is an alternative post-metal band from Minsk, Belarus. The band style can be described as a mix of heavy and recognizable riffing, groovy drumming beats, analogue synth sounds, and melodic expressional vocals.

Weesp are standing against the dictation of society’s conservative values. The band’s music is about finding one’s own path in the endless sea, it’s about hard choices, dreams and passion, about being different.

Band front man Lex together with Mike (guitar) formed the band when they both were studying in high school in the middle of 00s. Later the rest of the members joined and in 2009, the band finally announced its name – “WEESP” and immediately released ‘Taste of Steel’ EP.
After the next EP release “This will destroy us” (2011) Weesp performed at numerous concerts and festivals, including those in Baltic countries, all over CIS, Poland, Germany and Czech Republic (2012-2015). The band also released a few singles during that period.

In 2015 the band released their first long play album \”The Void\”, recorded by Wieslawski brothers at Hertz Records (Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader) and EverestMedia studio in Minsk. The album was released on August 20, 2015 and features 13 songs, two of which were done in collaboration with Cory Brandan from Norma Jean.

Weesp often say that The Void is an endless sea, in which every person should make its own way, or get lost and become ‘nothing’. Since that time Weesp sometimes name themselves as the ship ‘Weesp’ that travels around endless sea of ‘Void’ struggling with waves and finding new people to take on board.

Band was touring across Europe (Poland, Germany, Czech Republic) in 2015-2017.

The band has released the ‘illumination’ single at the end of 2017, together with the official video. The band community noticed significant change of style and sound of Weesp music. After the release Weesp got a lot of positive reviews and feedback.

Now Weesp is working on the second album \”Black Sails\” coming out on April 5 2018. The album is produced by Wieslawski brothers.

During the album promo campaign Weesp started to name their fan community as Black Sails, and each fan individually as a sailor. The ‘Black Sails’ album will stand against the pressure of the society on people who want to be different, against witch hunting and mass cultural dictatorship.

The band has released two more singles in February and March 2018 – ‘Not Over’ and ‘Who We Are’ and in addition a ‘Not Over’ official music video.

April 5 ‘Black Sails’ album has been released. It consists of 9 songs, total length – 41 min.

Alexei (Lex) Falco– vocals, piano
Michael (Mike) Zalutsky – guitar
Dmitry (Mi) Budko – bass
Stanislav (Stak) Budko – electronics
Alexei (Gul) Galesnik – drums

“On June 14 rock band Weesp gave a buzz for their fans-sailors by releasing an official music video Black Sails on the title song of the same-name album. Before that guys already released three videos on tracks from their brand-new long-play: illumination, Not Over and Who We Are, and now they released Black Sails.

Videos by Weesp have always been notable for their atmosphere and symbolism. But this time in their video guys filmed synchronous and musical-like dance.

According to the musicians, “We wanted to do something absurd, it would go well with the overall video message and dance by us is the best option for such idea. There are so much contrasts in the video: black and white, fire and cold smoke, bare copper pipes and glamorous bling…And finally, beautiful moves by our Black Sails ladies and on the opposite – our insecure moves, lol”.

As Weesp admit, in order to film the video they did have to take a few dancing classes. They still did not learn how to dance properly but at least, had a good time. And the video turned out really awesome: dynamic and interesting, so check it out

Weesp – Красный Коридор

Weesp – Crystal Clean Waters. Acoustic Rock Metal

Weesp – Crystal Clean Waters

Weesp – Black Sails

Weesp – Who We Are

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