We Are Parasols

We Are Parasols

No Movement Records has announced the forthcoming release of their sophomore album ‘Inertia’ from We Are Parasols, a Portland-based alternative trio known for making music that simultaneously embraces several genres while walking the thin line between dark and light. It will be made available on cassette and digitally.

A throbbing beat. Machines on march. Guitars can be a drill or sing like an angel. A voice like a computer caught in a human throat. A whisper. A howl. Synthesizers are sometimes smooth and glassy, sometimes jagged and bloody. A walk on the shore can easily turn into an apocalyptic landscape, depending on your perception.
Influenced by Curve, Wire, Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode, Gazelle Twin, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails and Bloody Knives, their new offerings on ‘Inertia’ features tracks ranging from the analogue postpunk near-industrial enigma of projects like Clan of Xymox and The Tear Garden to electronic dark reverie similar to Delerium and Gazelle Twin classics to the stripped back melancholy served up by This Mortal Coil.
Dubbing their own music as ‘industrialgaze’ and ‘darkwave’, We Are Parasols is comprised of D (vocals and bass), Jerman (guitars, piano, synthesizers, programming, and samples), and Alec Eye (drums, programming, and synthesizers).

“I have a stronger desire — or, really, a need — to continue to make and perform music. So that deep need often overrides the fears I have about creating and sharing our art, and performing live,” says D. 
We Are Parasols began as a shoegaze-electronic hybrid band. Their debut full-length ‘Infrastructure’ was followed by their ‘bite_your_tongue’ EP, a more minimal ambient release. The song ‘No Movement’ off the band’s debut album, which was about an android sex worker, ultimately spawned the musical world of their new album ‘Inertia’.  
‘Inertia’ combines industrial, shoegaze, dream pop and darkwave with sci-fi in order to tell a dystopian, possibly humanist, probably anti-human, story about violence, technology, politics, control, and an android feminist anti-hero known only as a synthetic sexual tasked android body.   
There are 13 tracks on the cassette version of the EP, which comes with a full color 4-panel J-Card featuring all the lyrics, as well as a digital download (a poster is also available). While these same 13 tracks are available through online stores and streaming platforms everywhere, the Bandcamp edition includes a special bonus track – ‘hush (Piano Version)’ – especially for lovers of early 4AD output.


On December 8, ‘Inertia’ will be released via No Movement Records, a Portland-based label and artist cooperative lead by Jeremy Wilkins, focusing on a darker, electronic-based sound and fully committed ourselves to releasing cassette tapes. The album can already be ordered in both formats via Bandcamp

We Are Parasols will perform next at Portland’s Brickbat Mansionon December 1. RSVP via Facebook or email at Admission is free, but anyone who donates of $5 or more gets an ‘Inertia’ poster with a download card.

1. data merge  01:27
2. concrete  03:45
3. dim  04:36
4. in the code  00:54
5. scoptophilia  03:33
6. the perfect host  01:21
7. hush  03:51
8. quarantine  03:23
9. recoil  03:05
10.  03:57
11. repeater  02:45
12. new blood  01:52
13. bloodvoice (a violent choir)  04:21
14. hush (Piano Version)  02:37  


d // vocals, bass 
jerman // guitars, piano, synthesizers, programming, samples 
alec eye // drums, programming, synthesizers 
Production // we are parasols 
Recording, mixing, & endless tweaking // jeremy wilkins at underwater research and design 
Mastering // adam gonsalves at telegraph mastering 
All songs written by wilkins/wood/yeager 
All lyrics by wilkins except “scoptophilia” by wilkins/wood & “repeater” by wood 
All songs published by soulLAXluster.BMI cover art by daniel kopton at danklife 
Cover art by daniel kopton at danklife 

All photos by George Lewis III

a violent choir is comprised of avoxblue (jimmy rossi jr), charlie moses (carolyn grigar), hawks do not share (george lewis III, jason roark, britt white, jeremy wilkins), & richard parsons 

We Are Parasols – dim

We Are Parasols – hush (Piano version)

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Band location – Portland, Oregon // Atlanta, Georgia

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