Wayward City

Wayward City

Hey everybody!
Just wanted to take a moment to tell you about the video release for our newest single, Toeing Lines. We’re just minutes away from it going live on YouTube and as excited as we are to have this out in the world, we couldn’t go without a few shoutouts….
First a thanks to A&J Pro for letting us set up for the shoot in the live room at their studio. We know it’s cramped in there, but we can’t thank you enough for obliging our request to set up a full video shoot as well as giving us an environment for our ideas as a band to come to life.
Next up is Ev Freeman, thanks helping with the equipment and not letting us look like hot garbage. Seriously, without you, we’d probably doing a three camera shoot on our iPhones.
Ted – Our drummer, our backbone, our sound guy, our recording engineer – those are just some of the few dozen titles he holds. Ted has worked tirelessly to make sure this single is top notch and has been listening to the rest of us give all our input but made sure to reel it in when we got rambunctious. That being the case, he did a phenomenal job recording/mixing/mastering this tune and making sure that we’re putting out nothing but the best.
Andrew – Our bassist, the guy holding down all of the low. Not only that, the cameraman and editor of the video! We basically made him take a good months worth of editing and cram it into a couple of weeks. Even still, he has turned up something that is thematically spectacular and grabs your attention right from the start.
Thanks a lot, guys!

Wayward City is a five-piece alternative rock outfit hailing from New Haven, CT and Puerto Rico. Formed in late 2015, Wayward City exploded onto the Connecticut scene by releasing a series of live, studio performance videos that blur the line between hard rock and post-rock. With an earnest focus on songwriting, the group couples ethereal guitar textures with driving drum-and-bass rhythms to build an eclectic atmosphere through which singer David Torres’ haunting but uplifting voice truly soars.

“Listening to Wayward City’s debut EP is like standing up through a sunroof, at top speed after a great day. Driving fuzzy bass, layered effervescent guitars, drumming executed with technical precision, all adorned with theatrical vocals that make a compelling experience with each repeated listen. The sweepingly epic sound continues throughout the EP and challenges anyone to not make Wayward City their new favorite band. This is an absolute must listen for anyone who enjoys rock music.” – Inside Indie CT. 

Wayward City – Toeing Lines

Wayward City – New Liberation

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