Wavesign is a music band born in 2013, from the ashes of a former project Miguel Sepúlveda and Jaime Cid had began in 2010. After the departure of their former keyboardist and drummer, the project went on a hiatus for more than a year up to the arrival of Mario Matamala in drums at the end of 2012 and Cristian Vega in keyboards and synthesizers some months later. As a 4-piece band again, Wavesign is back on the road to create new arrangements for the compositions previously made as well as to merge the many influences from both new and founding members to create new musical expressions.

After a 2 years long process, the band finally releases their first single “A Life Recalled”, an indie production, which obtains a good feedback at a relatively small scale, specially on Soundcloud. A year later, a second single is released: “New Dawn”. With it, the band starts to show a characteristic “persona” wich set them apart, within the international prog scene.

Wavesign – Black Sunrise

Wavesign – A Life Recalled

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