Waiting Forever

Waiting Forever
release new album ‘Borrowed from Tomorrow’
Boxing Day 2021

Waiting Forevers’ Story in their own words….

Ste , Dave and Sam had over a number of years been in different bands , but their paths crossed many times whether it be sharing a practice building or gigging on the same bills and having some of the same mates. We actually went to a great mate of ours jam night mainly for a few beers one fateful evening and started to jam, I’d like to think it was then that we all realised there was chemistry.

Some time after we all found ourselves not in bands , so I (Ste) reached out to them and promised them glory ! ha ha , nah I appealed to their musical instincts and shared a couple of tunes with them…and it worked 🙂

Mark joined a little later , we were searching for a drummer and put the feelers out to some people we trust and Marks name came up …and thank god it did ! Mark is an exceptional drummer and an even better fella who can flip from Motown to Rock and Roll in a heartbeat and he is already at a stage where one play of a new song and he plays what you was hoping for ..but better.

Waiting Forever – Let It Go

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