Vulturic Eyes

Vulturic Eyes

“Neitchze was wrong. When you gaze into the abyss it is not the abyss that returns your stare, it is the vulture and it waits for you still.”

By these words the UK trio Vulturic Eye assemble their second release from the bones of their influences. The resultant tracks on The Crucifixion of Hope bastardise the eclectic world of heavy metal, mixing a hefty dose of pessimism, musicianship and a nihilistic recognition of your failings. This is not music for the weak, ‘this is not for everyone’ but the band are unapologetic; “for those afflicted with the curse of optimism prepare yourself; this is not a development of [début] Manifesto, it is not ‘faster, heavier, louder’; nor is it a diversion from the mundane prison of your life. These are not the tracks you desire – only the ones that you deserve.”

The three songs play on a balance previously though impossible – the subtle prog wizardry of Rush, the dissonance within melody of Dismember and the bleeding pen of Tom Waits. The vocals are insistent, rational, yet with a touch of drama in the anonymous baritone, narrating over an endlessly shifting soundscape of rock and metal. Each song leaves a lasting impression, whether in the accusatory “Falsehood” or the driving, sinister “Generation XYZ”, with its prominent bass leads over pounding drums. All three members are locked in, to-ing and fro-ing until the EP reaches its 20-minute runtime, an appetiser to leave the listener hungry.

Those curious to discover more about the visual aesthetic of Vulturic Eye would do well to pick up the digipak, which comes with a 12-panel comic created by Victory Art to illuminate the mysterious, dystopian lyrics. But this packaging is no mere slight of hand, alone the music offers much to dissect, appreciate and lose yourself in.

The Crucifixion of Hope
: a forward-thinking record from a band no doubt already circling around the withered carcass of humanity for the next morsel.

Vulturic Eyes – Legacy of Failure

Vulturic Eyes – The Immaculate Confection

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