Vulgarithm – Share in the 3rd Degree

The Sharing Trilogy concludes with the 3rd and final EP in the series “Share in the 3rd Degree”. The 3 part musical evolution takes a darker, harder and on some occasions more surreal direction for this release. It sets up nicely the direction Vulgarithm will take when taking for the debut album, but for now this collection of songs should whet your appetite.

“Why did I have to make it rain?” starts us off with a musical bombardment of uncertainty and bounce, “Out my way!” shouts at everything and everyone, “Lenny!” is a celebration of resilience inspired by a 3 legged dog, “Cosmic Betrayal” creates a groove to relieve the strain of everyday life and the closing tracks “Rock Bottom” and “Top Of The Worlds (Not Long Now)” brings hope for those who have had the worst year imaginable that we shall see each other again.

All in all, the final EP is a far more accomplished collection of songs to round off the trilogy with.

Listen here 


Vulgarithm – Why Did I Have to Make it Rain

Vulgarithm – Out My Way

Vulgarithm – I Cannot Take This Country Seriously

Vulgarithm – Hat In The Ring

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