While Connecticut is generally known more for their traditional hardcore and metalcore scenes, VRSA decidedly diverges from that sound. They hypnotically infuse dynamics and odd time signatures into heavily textured riffs, the end result being equally hypnotizing and enticing. VRSA maintains the heavy roots of the culture from which they spawned, while not being confined by them. “Cvlt of Machina”, their new 3 song EP, is described by the band as:                           

“Perpetual energy draws the devout like a beacon from light years away. Elemental forces of nature give way to symmetric constructs of the mind that grows like geometric crystals. There the gathering of the universal cult raises the artifact. The ancient machine. Cvlt of Machina.”

The EP will be released on CD on June 29 2018. The digital version is already available for streaming on all platforms. The band will also be on tour in June with WITCHKISS. All dates are in the attached flyer.
About VRSA:
Formed in 2007, VRSA has always “veer stylistically to either side of the designation… are metal at their roots” (The Obelisk).  Primarily known as a progressive metal band, VRSA adds doom metal as well as more tech elements to their repertoire to create something truly special; a balance that most cannot manage without elements in the mixture suffering. . Staking their claim to an original and creative niche they have carved out for themselves, VRSA look to continue in their perpetual evolution. Drawing from vast topics, the content of VRSA’s songs, invites the listener deeper into the world conveyed by their imagery.
VRSA is:
Drums/Vocals – Wes Kempton
Lead guitar – Andrius Jovaisa
Bass – Walter Silva
Guitar/Vocals – Josh Bengston

VRSA – Cvlt of Machina

VRSA – Circling the Square

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