Vorzug was formed in 2014, the core members, drummer Daniel Beck, bassist Rock Rollain and vocalist Anthony Hoyes were all working together in the band The Lustmord from 2008-2014. 

We had a dispute over the name with the dark ambient artist Lustmord, we changed the name literally a week after we released an album, so we had to pull that release and completely rebrand everything.  It was a big ordeal at the time, but we accepted the challenge and changed everything up. We didn’t re-release that album that we pulled and wrote all new material. We did 2 very large festival shows literally the day that we changed our name. 

We went on to release a single called I Am In Hell in late 2014 that got to #1 on Amazon and then we were off to the races as they say.  Our album Call of the Vultures went on to being a #1 best seller on itunes and amazon. 

Our follow up EP Three was released in 2017 and that also went on to being #1 on itunes and amazon as well. 

We’re going to be releasing another album as well as a couple videos in 2021.  We’re signed with The Apollyon Group which is distributed through Universal Music Group.   Our current line up consists of :

Daniel Beck- Drums. 
Rock Rollain- Bass.
Anthony Hoyes- Vocals.
Ivan Schone- Guitars.
Sergio Ramirez- Guitars.

Vorzug – Under a Dying Sun

Vorzug – Nocturnity

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