Void Of Animus

The Essence
6th May 2023

VOID OF ANIMUS comment on “Enjoy My Happy Ending”:

“The song is about important self-discovery and the associated, long-overdue insight with clear cognition, as well as liberating rebellion – the courageous breaking of an emotional spell, so to speak.”

Banjo, tambura, gong and even taiko – confidently embedded in rock-hard ALTERNATIVE METAL!

VOID OF ANIMUS reveal their damn brute material in an impressive way in terms of playing culture as well as effortlessly convincing!

And with all the finesse that is infectiously lively, but also really skilfully celebrated, the boys, who are incredibly well attuned to each other, let it rip – after all, every song is massively enhanced by captivating melodies and catchy structures.

Even in terms of vocals, the group, which is ambitious to the bones, doesn’t have to shy away from any comparisons in the international arena – on the contrary, because everything is just right here.

And the top-fit ​​Bavarian formation shows that all the US genre greats – especially those who are often overrepresented in music media – are by no means the only ones who have what it takes when it comes to banging, nasty alternative metal with a fat groove list!

Having grown up and being shaped by a dominating elbow-jerk society, which unfortunately is still far too often and far too roughly on the way to a soulless egomania dystopia, VOID OF ANIMUS want to break through a multitude of borders!

After all, everyone knows: It doesn’t matter whether it’s on public transport, in employment – which is simply devalued as a ‘job’ – or in the often questionable political landscape. Whoever shouts louder and more dominantly, who is less considerate and who can push harder is the ‘winner’ in the end. Rigid assertions are being made, interests are being pushed through relentlessly. And it leaves behind tragically losing existences.

Yes, this young band from southern Germany has made it their common task to scream much louder and push even harder with their riffs.

The latter, however, specifically for all the positive things that one is only too happy to forget in all the screaming, hitting and stabbing that has become so terrible:

With their unconventional way of combining (alternative) metal and hardcore, VOID OF ANIMUS not only want to blow through every possible auditory canal, but above all want to draw attention to the outrageously unjust abuses that many (un)participatingly accept and endure every day ( must).

Void of Animus are
René Müller – vocals
Matthias Behringer – vocals/guitar
Stefan Pschenitza – guitar
Johannes Schultheiss – bass
Tobias Guggenmos – drums

Void Of Animus – Enjoy My Happy Ending

Void Of Animus – The Essence Album Teaser

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