Void Inn – End This Game

VOID INN – album “End this game”
(30 Οctober 2020, INSIDE ROCK RECORDS)

  1. Stay Young
  2. Dead Of Night
  3. End This Game
  4. Just Another Day
  5. Show Me What You Git
  6. Hello Misery

While I am rather fond of heavier metal this band really deserved the attention.  “End This Game” was my introduction to Serbian metal. Their stuff is mostly slow and really makes sense. 

First song of the album is the video clip song “Stay Away”. Sounds really powerful with heavy riffs and then it slows down to doomy stuff. The beautiful voice of Jelena dominates the feelings. She sounds like a mixture of Lee Dorian and Phil Anselmo! You should check the videoclip where her beauty also shines!

The next song “Dead Of Night” sounds a bit faster and more complicated but this is also great!  The guitar tone is awesome and the performance is phenomenal! The drums do enough to ground the music and drive it forward

There are also some  other highlights on the album like the homonymous song and “Hello Misery”. Slow and mid-tempo anthems that cause interest and mix heavier and alternative sounds. On paper this might sounds confusing and not even ideal but the band is very serious and dedicated on their vision. They really seem to believe what they say and they know how to play their instruments.

The songs have great riffs and they sound astonishing.  Complicated rhythms that sound brilliant and they are really useful to spice it up even more.  I can characterize them like an alternative metal version of Black Sabbath. Eerie, yet very dynamic band. They have a bright future ahead of them!

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