Violet’s Gun

Violet’s Gun

Violet’s Gun is a three piece band rock band from the Denver suburbs. Heavy guitar with drums fills and clean harmonies. The band started August of 2016, yet the music has been written, recorded, and perfected since April of 2015.

Jack McCombs– Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals

Jack is the lead singer, lead guitarist, and creator of Violet’s Gun since April of 2015. Since then, he has written all the songs off their first album. He is heavily influenced by NIRVANA, Royal Blood, The Beatles, and MUSE.

Eric Cook–  Drums, Backup Vocals

Eric started playing drums in his first year of high school with the marching band. He later got on the kit and learned very quickly. He hits hard and can play fills without missing a beat. His influences include The Eagles, AC/DC, Rise Against, and Dream Theater.

Peyton Elliott–  Bass, Backup Vocals

Peyton first learned the bass five years ago when he wanted to learn an instrument besides the guitar. He is influenced heavily by Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Green Day, and Panic! at the Disco.

Violet’s Gun – Keep It On

Violet’s Gun – Sappy

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