Vieira and The Silvers

Vieira and The Silvers unveil their bold new single, The Judge, on Catch 21 Records Out Now!

Having captivated audiences with their electrifying recent live performances, Vieira and The Silvers unveil their bold new single, The Judge, on Catch 21 Records.

This highly anticipated track is the lead single from the band’s 4-track debut EP, and sets an exciting tone for what’s to come as the group prepare to hit the road again in 2023. Details of their upcoming shows will be released in conjunction with the EP’s launch later this spring. The Judge is an audacious showcase of thunderous rock and roll that unexpectedly transforms into a pseudo-religious gospel and soul sound. As frontman and songwriter Diogo Vieira da Silva describes it, “a light protruding out from the darkness.” The song’s inner juxtaposition represents an inspiring journey from darkness to light, from pessimism to optimism, and from renouncement to embracement. The Judge explores themes of desire, the unconscious mind, faith, and mythology, all seamlessly interwoven into a single track that has been produced by Gavin Bowers at the Catch 21 studio, located in the band’s hometown of Norwich.

“When you hear “I’m Vieira and these are The Silvers!” announced from the stage, I can promise, you are going to get one of the best live original rock bands of our days.” GRAPEVINE MAGAZINE

Emerging in 2022, Vieira and The Silvers is the untamed brainchild of Diogo Vieira da Silva, an enigmatic singer-songwriter based in Norwich, UK. Inspired by the raw energy of 60s and 70s music and the fervent soul of the blues, Vieira da Silva has meticulously curated a group of exceptionally talented musicians, collectively known as The Silvers. Together, they have crafted an electrifying repertoire of garage rock and roll and psychedelic soundscapes that perfectly complement Vieira da Silva’s wild and untamed performances. Their music is a visceral experience, meant to be savoured live and on the edge.

Vieira and The Silvers – The Judge

Vieira and The Silvers Hey There Stranger

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