Veritas – Threads of Fatality

Veritas – Threads of Fatality

VERITAS – album “Threads of Fatality ” (26 August 2020, Veritas Rocks LLC)

Track Listing:

  1. Prelude to the Sacrament
  2. Frail
  3. Love and Burn
  4. Far Away
  5. Morbid Stale
  6. Fate’s Warning
  7. Say Goodbye
  8. Moments of the Day
  9. Starlight
  10. Eyes of the Blind
  11. Dying to Live
  12. Sludge
  13. Masquerade
  14. If It’s Over

If old school traditional heavy metal with power metal and progressive parts is your cup of tea, and at the same time you just can’t stop loving old school rock and hard rock music, then what we have here is a great finding for you! Veritas from Kansas City, USA is a band that combines all the above. Veritas have been around for more or less a decade and with their debut album “Threads of Fatality” they have already created some strong noise around their name in the worldwide heavy/power metal circles. The album is a granite solid piece of rock/metal music that guarantees to blow your mind.

We have to agree that the spine of every rock/metal band is their drummer. Veritas have the privilege to have on the drums a legendary drummer. Mark Zonder, who has played with Warlord and Fates Warning among other bands, trusted Veritas and joined them. His performance on “Threads of Fatality” is totally flawless and absolutely brilliant being at the same time both classic and fresh! Mark Zonder knows exactly what to do with his drum-sticks and drum-set to lift off a song. His themes are at times thunderous, then other times light like a dancing ballet, depending on the song and the feeling. Above everything he is always a full of fantasy living metronome!

Greg Wenk is the founder, main composer and guitarist of the band. He has an own way to create emotions with his notes. I particularly enjoyed Greg’s songwriting in the album, and I appreciated the fact he is not a show-off musician. Instead, he focuses on being substantial, with high precision performances throughout the album, always focused to benefit the song. His riffs are colossal and his leads are glorious. His songwriting is diverse. Just when you think the song is a typical hard rock or heavy metal tune, Greg throws in some progressive parts for the flavor to instantly advance the whole thing. Geno Alberico is also doing a great job with his bass guitar and backs up Mark Zonder in a distinctive but effective way.

Denny Anthony’s vocals are exactly what a Heavy/Power Rock band like Veritas would ask for. They have a personal view on Heavy/Power music, and they balance right between Rock and Metal bringing some genuine freshness in. Veritas sound lies somewhere between Queensryche, Fates Warning and Crimson Glory. At some parts you will also listen to their early Dream Theater influences. At the rocking parts of their songs they have a Dokken, Ratt and Kiss aura. This makes such an interesting mix!

To sum it up, “Threads of Fatality” is a fantastic rock/metal album that I greatly enjoyed. It finds Veritas in a very creative part of their career with some brilliant music ideas and genuine feelings put to music. The band’s really memorable songwriting on songs like “Starlight”, “Love and Burn” and “Far Away” and the overall aesthetics of the album, production and songwriting, makes me look forward to the band’s next step. I think Veritas are capable of great things. For the moment, they just have to be really proud for “Threads of Fatality”. Fans of Heavy Metal, Power/Prog and Hard Rock just have to discover this brilliant album and band! I also wish we’ll be able to catch Veritas live later on! I think it would be crushing!

Review by The Greek Warrior

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