Standing just over five feet tall is an artist with an enormous heart. She’s on a quest to create a space for belonging, through music that goes deeper than sounds. Her name is Deena Jakoub, and she’s got a fire breathing inside of her, ignited by emotions, and unstoppable. And she’s not alone. Breaking the limits of language, VERIDIA performs more like a movement. This Nashvillebased band is crafting magnetic messages with every song. Their sound is a unique fusion of alternative rock, pop, and electronic – a combination made from the soundscapes of guitarist Brandon Brown and drummer Kyle Levy, backing the powerful vocals of Deena. They’re always ready to light up stages and souls, compelled to give a voice to the voiceless. And this purpose transcends live, as VERIDIA perseveres to represent their fans as an independent band.

A derivative of the Latin word veritas, meaning truth; VERIDIA was founded in 2014, after years of musical experimentation from the interconnecting paths of Deena and Brandon. Within the same year, they debuted a #1 radio song “We Are The Brave” and Top Hit “Furious Love,” from their Inseparable EP. Their next release hit the Top 20 iTunes Alternative Albums Chart, with track “Pretty Lies (feat. Matty Mullins)” in the top spot for six straight weeks. Their success on the charts was supported by hundreds of tour dates and festival performances, including an electrifying experience in 2016, when VERIDIA joined Evanescence for their US tour.

Upholding their truth, the journey continues as the three band members devote themselves to human connection, led by Deena’s brave artistic expressions and captivation. VERIDIA is telling stories with their music, and they’re deliberate with every move, working tirelessly to create opportunities to meet their fans around the world.

The Beast You Feed, produced by Matt Squire, is their first full-length album. It manifested itself as the band plunged into vulnerabilities, professing delicate realities

The Beast You Feed is both a sonic and artistic breakthrough for the band. Symbolically, themed in black and white, it’s broken up into two parts: the first is a confessional, while the second is a declaration. It’s a journey of realizations, filled with multiple metaphoric expressions. VERIDIA’s music is masterful and a by-product of exactly that – tracks giving us light in darkness; a place to feel less lonely.

As an activist, Deena beats to the rhythm of ‘staying true to yourself.’ Of Egyptian descent, she’s got the hypnotizing look and art pieces to honour her roots. “I want to write about the hard places because they exist, and these are our stories.

” VERIDIA strives to be interactive, providing visual and explanatory components to accompany the release of each new song. The band is prepared to go the hard ways with us and push through adversities, providing braveness in melodies that we can sing along to. “It still isn’t enough, but if it can inspire a change of heart, mind, or empower someone to walk into their next moment with a sense of confidence and less fear, then it’s a good start.

” It’s enough to keep her and VERIDIA creating for you. Because together we are the movement, and music is our language. Deena Jakoub’s heart is an evocative force, singing for vulnerability and for you. This is VERIDIA.



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