Vendetta Love

Speak Now
Release: 17 September 2021

VENDETTA LOVE have released their new EP ‘Speak Now’, out now.
Vendetta Love have been generating a lot of attention over the last few months with increasing radio play across the UK and mainland Europe thanks to their balls-out approach to composing Grunge-infused Hard Rock anthems.
Hailing from the midlands of Ireland, Vendetta Love specializes in the type of Hard Rock that most believed was long gone, dead and buried. Not only have they proved people wrong, but their heartfelt approach to songwriting has caught the attention of tastemakers around the globe, thanks to their fantastic single, ‘Witches & Thieves’ and follow up single ‘Blackened Hands’.
The band have announced their new EP ‘Speak Now‘ which is out now as an independent release.
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Commenting on the EP, Namaste explains: 
“We chose ‘Speak Now’ as a title cos it’s pretty representative of where we’re at as a band. We feel like it’s our time to speak, to give our music to the world. It’s taken from a line in ‘What’s in the Blood?: “Speak now or forever hold your fuckin tongue.”  And that’s pretty much what we said to ourselves.
It’s almost become a mantra for us. The writing for this EP happened over quite a long time, to be fair. ‘Follow Me Down’ and ‘What’s in The Blood’ are songs we’ve had since pretty early on.
We had a relatively large pool of songs to pick from too, so actually deciding what we wanted to put on the EP was a real ball breaker. I don’t know exactly if there’s a concept to it, but there’s definitely a theme of colours. Greens, dark reds, and purples. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but we’ve all kinda said it, between ourselves.
Like a bunch of weird, colour gremlins. We recorded it over 4 days in Dublin’s Trackmix Studio. Getting to hear those songs grow track by track over the few days was almost like watching your kid grow. We can’t wait for everyone else to hear it.”

EP tracklisting:
1 Follow Me Down
2 Witches & Thieves
3 Blackened Hands
4 Lost
5 What’s in the Blood?

Vendetta Love will be embarking on a UK/Ireland 25-date tour starting in May 2022 with British Hard Rockers, ‘Harsh’.

Vendetta Love – Blackened Hearts

Vendetta Love – Witches & Thieves

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