Velvet Starlings – SWNDFest Interview

I got the chance to chat with L.A. Psychedelic Rock band Velvet Starlings before they went on stage and totally blew everyone away at SWNDFest in Swansea’s The Bunkhouse

Christian Gisborne – Guitar, Organ and Vocals

Hudson Poling – Bass, B.Vocals

Foster Poling – Drums, B.Vocals

Alexander Thornton  – Guitars, B.Vocals


PD: How would you describe your sound?

CG: We’re a Psychedelic Garage Rock band, what would you say?

FP: I’d say Garage.

AT: Garage Rock yeah.


PD: Who are your musical influences and what inspired you to take up music?

CG: Down the line…

FP: Musical influences, I mean Humble Pie is a great band, The Who, The Band is also in there. Those are my top 3.

CG: Okay, top 3, I’ll go… The Beatles, I’ll go Jack White and I will go The Doors.

AT: I’ll stick with The Beatles, but I’ll say King Gizzard and Thee Oh Sees just for fun.

HP: The Who, The Rolling Sones and The Strokes.

CG: That’s a nice group of 9 bands there.


PD: What’s your favourite song to perform live?

FP: I’ll do ‘Bullfight’, cos that gets the crowd all amped up.

AT: That’s our closer.

FP: And also, ‘Colours On The Canvas’.

HP: I’m doing ‘All About You’

FP: Yeah ‘All About You’ is a great choice, we do ‘She Said, She Said’ and ‘All About You’ as an opener.

CG: I’ll have ‘She Said, She Said’ cos it’s always fun and we can do it and no matter what the rest of the set sounds like, ‘She Said’ always sounds great. It always works

AT: I’ll say the ‘She Said’/’All About You’ medley that we do as our intro.


PD: What has been your proudest moment in music?

CG: When we played Beachlife.

FP: Beachlife was fun, Beachlife Festival was cool and then er…

VS (together): Isle Of Wight!

AT: We just did Isle Of Wight and that was great


PD: What would you say is the most important thing that you’ve learned from your career so far?

CG: That you have to love doing it.

AT: Stick with it.

HP: I would say that my main thing is, if you’re not having fun, then something has to change.

FP: Do it for yourself and not for anybody else.


PD: You have quite an intensive tour lined up here in the UK, How has the UK been to you and are you enjoying being here?

AT: People are so nice here.

FP: People just love rock music over here and it’s awesome.

PD: I know that a lot of people are so thankful that you’ve come all this way to play for us, it’s awesome and we truly appreciate it.

HP: And we’re trying to go everywhere we can on the dates that we’re here, trying to do all the different cities.

PD: Even Swansea on a Sunday, did you see the Classic Car Show?

AT: Yeah, that was awesome, which was crazy cos there’s loads of American cars out there.


PD: How soon until we see the new album ‘Pacific Standard Time’ coming out?

CG: That’s coming out in a couple of months, I want to say August/September. There’s not a set date on it yet.


PD: Can you tell us about the recording process and what singles are on it?

CG: So we recorded all 10 songs with a guy called Joel Jerome at the Psychedelic Thriftstore in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. And it was the 3 of us, we hung out in the Psychedelic Thriftstore and Joel put his 2 cents in, but we also had the stuff worked out beforehand and he just helped us get some really weird sounds.

The only single off that so far is HG Wells and it’s not even out in America yet, so none of our fans have heard it other than the UK people.


PD: How do you decide on which singles to release?

CG: HG Wells was kind of clear, as you know we’re doing the ‘This Feeling’ tour and we sent a message to Mikey and asked “What do you think would be the best reception for UK audiences?” and he immediately was like “’HG Wells’ was the one for me man”. So, we kind of took his advice, but at the same time ‘HG Wells’ has been planned to be the main single since we started.

HP: But we didn’t really want to put it out yet.

CG: We wanted to wait a minute, but we had to get it out cos we were coming to the UK.

FP: We’ve got to have something.


PD: Are there any bands that you’re looking forward to checking out while you’re over here?

CG: Ohhh we’ve already played with so many. So many great bands. We’ve got Breeze, Prime Boyz.

HP: They were sick in Birmingham, we played with them in Birmingham.

HP:  Cairos, at the Isle of Wight.

CG: Yes Cairos, they were so sick, I saw them twice in the same day. And then tonight, Zac and the New Men, The Now, The Rivers, Columbia.


PD: Will you be playing any new tracks tonight?

CG: Yes, well it depends on what you consider new? To us we’ve been playing them before cos it’s off the new record, but to everyone else, it’s the new record! So they are new. Half the set tonight is off the new record.


PD: How is the rest of 2022 looking for you?

CG: Well, we’re definitely gonna get some sleep in July when we get back home. And we’ll probably have a couple of weeks where we’re just chilling out… actually no, we’ve got North Beach Boogie, we’ve got LA shows and then we’re going to be setting up another tour in the US around the Fall.

PD: To coincide with the new release?

CG: Yeah exactly, we’ve got to tour the new record

PD: You won’t be coming back over here yet though?

CG: I don’t know, we’ll see what happens.

AT: I would love to make it back around here.

FP: Same here.

CG: If we can do it, we will be.

AT: If you’ll have us.

PD: Judging by the response so far, I can’t see that being a problem. 


PD: Thanks for your time today, before I let you go, where can people buy your music from?

CG: Well, our vinyl can be bought from, they’re the ones that pressed our vinyl and made it, so if you want vinyl go to them. For anything else,, Spotify and all those.

HP: Instagram probably is the most…

CG: Instagram is where you can talk to us and can get up to date on us.

AT: And we’re on Twitter.

CG: We’ve been on Twitter a while, but are using it more since we came to the UK

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