VASS/KATSIONIS – Ethical Dilemma

VASS/KATSIONIS – Ethical Dilemma

VASS/KATSIONIS album “Ethical Dilemma” (2 February 2022, Symmetric Records)

  1. Message To The Masses
  2. Mark The Moment
  3. Web Weaver
  4. Dreamscreen
  5. Echoes In Paradise
  6. Purify
  7. Faceless Encounter
  8. I Walk Alone

“Ethical Dilemma” is the debut record of the collaboration between Bob Katsionis and Billy Vass, the singer of Terra Incognita. The timing was right for Katsionis and Vass to put something like this together, sighting the hiatus that Vass is taking from song writing for Terra Incognita, and Bob stepping down from the Firewind. Having as foundation the ‘90s progressive scene and bands like Fates Warning and Queensryche, the duo unfolds its influences by presenting their take on progressive metal.

While he was writing the lyrics, Vass noticed a constant appearing in every track. Upon that common denominator the concept of “Ethical Dilemma” was born. Even without the conventional storytelling, “Ethical Dilemma” is a concept work and listening to it, feels like that.

This idea of an abstract concept is depicted in the lyrics which though quite direct and simple, have that element of poetry that gives out something for everyone to connect to. That blending in writing helps the listener to stay focused without losing touch while at the same time dives into the poetic environment that is created.

The “Ethical Dilemma”, musically, is built around complex guitars, precise drum work, time-changing signatures and a clear sense of groove and melody. Aside from the progressive influences by the aforementioned bands that are noticeable throughout the record, Katsionis-being the one responsible for the music, adds a few power metal elements to spice things up.

In this record, nothing is misplaced or off-sounding. The vocal performance of Billy Vass is captivating, charging emotionally every line while the instrumental performance of Katsionis compliments and works around the vocals, supporting the protagonist that to me is the vocal skills of Vass.

One thing is clear listening to this record; this collaboration has brought out the best from both artists. Although, this is only their debut it is clear that they have bonded under a common musical background and upon that foundation along with their own artistic vision, they have built the sound of “Ethical Dilemma” that is both familiar and fresh.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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