The Last Remnants

They have been called Gothenburg Death Metal, Nu-Metal, Groove Metal, Metalcore and even Doom Metal. The true genre is up to the listener to decide, but one thing is for sure – it is a musical ride that you will not forget.

Varices was formed at a local bar in Norrköping, Sweden in November 2017. The band instantly began writing their own material, and within a year the 18- and 19-year old members released their self-titled debut-EP. By making every single minute of their live show an experience, Varices quickly gained local reputation. Since then, the quartet has been playing various venues throughout the country, and their anticipated third creation The Last Remnants will be released October 29th.

Through a wide range of influences, Varices have created a unique sound that is difficult to place in any specific genre. It could be described as a mixture of groovy, heavy sections and melodic, emotional parts under a blend of growls and clean vocals. The lyrical themes take you on a journey through the darker parts of the human mind, from schizophrenia to humanity being its own worst enemy.

In short, the unique sound, the intense live shows and the commitment of the young band members makes Varices stand out among the thousands of other bands in the scene.

  • Calle Axelsson – Vocals
  • Anden Eriksson – Bass
  • Hugo Skullman – Guitars
  • Emil Modigh – Drums

Varices – Count My Days

Varices – The Wolf Inside

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