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After releasing their self-produced debut album “The Faint of Heart Amongst the Buried” in March 2020, Vampire Money were forced to postpone their UK Tour dates due to the Covid-19 Lockdown. Living together at the time, they reworked their 2020 plans and began work on their next era. 

They began to write and record new songs that took the raw energy and attitude of their first record, and developed it into a fresh and unique mixture of Alternative-Rock and Gothic Pop-Punk. These writing sessions, and a collaboration with Leicester-based Producer Joey Whelan, lead to the creation of their new EP “Cemetery School”.

Set for release on all streaming platforms on September 25th 2020, “Cemetery School” is a 4-track EP containing the singles “King of Beggars” and “Cemetery School”, alongside “Doctor Afterlife” and “Taking Back the City”. 

Heavyweight opener “Doctor Afterlife” brings a mysterious and twisted introduction to the EP. Alfie and Tom’s conversational vocals narrate the listener through a Beetlejuice-esque afterlife waiting room while navigating twists and turns through bouncing riffs and eerie sections.

Attitude and sarcastic charm makes “King of Beggars” a graphic tale of passion. Painting pictures of a vicious vampire romance spiralling into insanity, the lead single grooves at a foot-stomping tempo with moments of dynamic breakdown and tongue-in-cheek swing.

Title track “Cemetery School” delivers fast-paced Punk that takes shots at the University Teachers and peers that had no faith in the band members. The single released on September 4th and instantly struck a chord with the kids returning to school that week. Lyrics such as “make me feel like an alien” and “everytime we meet you always find a way to put me down” provided a relatable scenario for many members of their fanbase.

The EP closes with “Taking Back the City”, a soaring Pop-Punk crescendo that encapsulates the band’s determination to prove doubters wrong. Here, they transform the blunt statements of “Cemetery School” into a fictional battle that one might find in an anime or superhero film, set “in a city made of metal”.

“Cemetery School” is a clear example of the ambition and vision that drives Vampire Money forward. Huge riffs, poetic lyrics sewn into catchy melodies and intricate lead guitar give the band an infectious energy and an intriguing aesthetic. 

Practicing the “being yourself” attitude that they preach, the band have begun their very own community with their music at it’s epicentre. With an ever growing fanbase, a twisted aesthetic and lots of plans for the new year, Vampire Money are definitely ones to watch!

Vampire Money – Cemetery School

Vampire Money – King of Beggars

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