Vambo – Vambo

Vambo – Vambo

Vambo track listing: 
01 Now You See Me.
02 Why Why Why. 
03 Cry Woman. 
04 We’re Not The Same.
05 Dancing With The Devil.
06 World Of Misery.
07 Down Little Mama.
08 Running In Circles. 
09 Camouflage.
10 Vambo Rools.
11 Fast Car.

Cat number: Goliath04CD
Barcode: 5060112377570
Release Date October 25th 2019
Goliath Records


Vambo is Jack Stiles (vocals) Pete Lance (guitar) James Scott (bass) and Steve Price (drums)

Following their successful appearances at both Download Festival and Isle Of Wight Festival this year, Vambo has been gaining in popularity throughout the music industry, with singles played on Planet Rock Radio etc., supportive music reviews and an ever increasing fanbase, the time is right for Vambo to release their debut album.

I was fortunate to have been sent an advance copy of the album for my deliberation and enjoyment. I was immediately impressed and had to put pen to paper.

Produced and mastered by music legend Ray Stiles, “Vambo” boasts 11 thumping tracks that deliver raw energy, talent and masses of ambition. The songs are well crafted and excellently played throughout. There isn’t a disappointing moment on this record at all.

The album begins with “Now You See Me”, a solid rocker with a Judas Priest like opening that soon finds its own vibe as Jack Stiles impresses from the off with his eerie sounding vocal. I love the way the vocal line is so tight with the melody, it adds a sense of excitement to the number. “Why Why Why” is next, a bit more commercial than the opener. “Why Why Why” has a true rock n roll saunter to it. Again the band are playing well, I can only imagine how good this would be live. “Cry Woman” is superb, it is the best song that Uriah Heep didn’t write. It really does take me back to the mid seventies, yet still feels quite modern (how do they do that?) The vocal harmonies fit perfectly in this fist pumping, head bopping classic. Things get down and dirty for “We’re Not The Same” 3 minutes and 42 seconds of the sexiest groove you’re gonna hear for a long time. The harmony vocals are excellent and boy does that riff stand out. The intro to “Dancing With The Devil” is straight out of the Michael Schenker book of guitar intros. “Dancing With The Devil” is a much more sedate rock number that shows a different side to Vambo. It still has class and is beautifully played, but airs to the more traditional style of classic rock.

The darker “World Of Misery” is next. Vambo deliver a solid rock song with a fabulous chorus that is instantly memorable. I love the guitar solo at the 2:18 mark and how it is accompanied by a Peter Gun style rhythm. “Down Little Mama” has a real swagger to it. Wonderful lyrics and what a tune!! This band just ‘do it’ on every track. “Down Little Mama” will have you swinging away as you join in with the chorus. The stunning “Running In Circles” follows and this time Vambo have showcased a track that would make a great blockbuster movie theme. I love it.

“Camouflage” has a great riff and has to be a nod towards Europe, you can really hear that the band are having fun playing this. Again we have a superb guitar solo from Pete Lance and a tight rhythm section at their best. The diversity of Vambo’s writing is highlighted in the next track, “Vambo Rools”, which has nothing to do with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. It does, however contain verses that seem to slither along as they meet up with a very 70’s sounding chorus. It’s yet another sexy number that gets better and better with every listen. The album closes with the all out rocker “Fast Car”. Vambo impress again with a compact lesson in how to perform a stellar album closer that will leave you wanting more.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2019. Vambo’s self titled debut album will not be beaten by anything that has come or is yet to come this year. It is that good. It is head and shoulders above anything that has come my way this year. It is an album by a band that are certain to be going places.

On October 25th  Vambo release this, their swaggering and powerful self titled debut album, through Goliath Records a new rock label via Universal.

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