Valiant Sentinel – Valiant Sentinel

Valiant Sentinel – Valiant Sentinel

VALIANT SENTINEL – album “Valiant Sentinel”- (29 April 2022, No Remorse Records )

  1. Realm To Conquer
  2. Victorious
  3. Destiny Awaits
  4. Age Of Mythology
  5. One Must Fall
  6. Noble Knight
  7. The Legionnaire
  8. King In The North (feat. Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens)
  9. Forlorn (feat. Fabio Lione)
  10. Titans Awake

Hailing from Athens, Greece, the Valiant Sentinel is a newly formed band that recently released its self-titled debut album.

Just by looking at their art cover, you can assume their musical style. Depicting two swords, a knight’s helmet, a shield with a lion’s head carved and adorned with gold coloring, the artwork sums up and describes perfectly both the sound and the theme that the Valiant Sentinel represent.

Heavily influenced by the European power metal scene, Valiant Sentinel set out to present their take on our beloved, epic genre. And they are without a doubt successful. Their debut work checks all the boxes and the Valiant Sentinel unleash an epic, power metal album that is guaranteed to satisfy.

Musically, as I already mentioned, the album is pure power metal, with a few heavy metal influences that are mostly noticeable in the second song, “Destiny Awaits”, that has, also, one of the most engaging and melodic choruses of the album. The rest of the album follows the classic power metal path that is dictated by the opening track “Victorious”, which is the perfect introduction to the Valiant Sentinel’s sound. Really interesting are the tracks “Forelorn” and “Titans Awake”, with the first being a folkish, acoustic ballad, melodic and epic, made great by the beautiful vocal lines of the Fabio Lione, while the second is a 5 minute epic instrumental track that sums up in its music the album’s character and overall aesthetic.

Valiant Sentinel make an absolutely delightful and really good debut, releasing an album that can shine through the many releases of the genre. Full of energy, epic riffs, beautiful melodic lines and catchy, bright choruses, the “Valiant Sentinel” is an exciting new release that you must listen to.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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