Vajra Need Your Help!!

Be a Demon-Destroyer: Show Them the Wrath of Vajra

Help us fix our broken “Fans Also Like” algorithm.

Spotify is God, Satan, the judge and jury of who gets to rise. Seriously. Everyone from booking agents to radio program directors go straight to your Spotify numbers before they ever talk to you.

Spotify won’t fix our ludicrous and f**ked-up algorithm. They have us confused with a long-defunct Japanese experimental punk band of the same name, who do not exist anymore. They’re a cool band, but they’re not us. All we get back from tech support are form emails.

Here’s the explanation of the technical crap that we have to trip up in the Spotify app for Vajra. If you look at our “Fans Also Like” section in Spotify, you see absolutely no bands that you have ever heard of, in a genre completely different than ours – who all sing in Japanese. For Real!!! This is because Spotify confuses the two bands. That’s a MAJOR problem. Our numbers are completely self driven because nobody who likes alternative, progressive metal music is discovering us in the app. We exist in a vacuum on Spotify.

We need a HUGE favor from every one of you , and it won’t cost you anything except for two minutes of your time. Two things– first, go to our Spotify page and press the “Follow” button, and second, press the “heart” to like one or more of our songs (or a whole album).

If you’re feeling ambitions, make a new personal playlist by saving our ‘Irkalla’ and ‘Pleroma’ albums. That’s it. That will do way more than you can imagine to trip that algorithm.

If you don’t subscribe to Spotify, you can help us in the free version as well. It will see that you’re liking us alongside your favorites like Tool, Black Sabbath, In This Moment or whoever you listen to.

We’re serious. We need this help. We’re not asking for you to buy anything – all we need is your two minutes. Each one of you can help. Each one of you can make this difference.

What do you get from all this? Nothing except knowing that you helped us the f**k out to Slay That Demon. And divine magic blessings from The Vajra Temple!

Vajra on Spotify

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