V.A.I.N. Violent Attitude If Noticed

V.A.I.N. Violent Attitude If Noticed


Formed in 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil, Violent Attitude If Noticed (or simply V.A.I.N.) have been working their way through the music scene playing gigs and spreading the word. The musical background of the band is based upon members’s personal taste and they vary a lot. It is possible to identify influences of jazz, bossa nova, blues, post punk, new wave, art rock, electro, hard rock and progressive rock.
All these elements summed together result in V.A.I.N.’s music.
Textures, layers, noisy backgrounds, ambient landscapes, drum machines, acoustic guitars, heavy distorted and clean guitars are some of the tools used to develop its musicality. It’s not uncommon to hear quiet and mellow sounds changing into what may appear to be a sudden nightmare.
V.A.I.N. have produced and released EPs and full length albums without any label help but on the other hand, always counting on some well known professionals to make it happen and therefore names like Neil Whitman, Erik Muller Thurm,
Jon Astley and Will Geraldo are commonly involved with the releases. The rather solid line up brings Alessandro Queler, Guilherme Saba and Will Geraldo and bands like Death By Visitation Of God, The Opposite Of Hate and Test Record Stereo are all in V.A.I.N.s genealogical tree.

Latest release Ourselves and Otherwise available to order from Progressive Gears

The clock is ticking and we are wasting a great opportunity to evolve.

Our stories are not only our own.

We are all intrinsically connected and every single decision made affects the whole.

How much more can we take from the ones who insist on holding us back?

How much more can we do to show that we are stronger than them?

The new album from Violent Attitude If Noticed begins a pre-order campaign on 1st July 2017.

Any orders received before midnight on July 31st will receive the bonus digital album Studio Syndrome (recorded live at rehearsal).

Order Ourselves and Otherwise here

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V.A.I.N. – Time Waster

V.A.I.N. – Eight

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