15th October 2021 Release

Formed in summer 2017 and best described musically as ‘intense, punishing and unrelenting’, Ursus create wall-of-sound metal grooves, armed to the teeth with filthy, tech-ridden riffs and just a touch of melodic harmony. With a sound that overwhelms the size of the average smaller stage, their voracious and finely crafted live sets are impressing; earning them praise and recognition among their peers and fans alike.

Their debut EP ‘YOURGODISDEAD’, recorded and mixed by George Lever (Loathe, Holding Absence) was released in November 2020, and alongside visually engaging accompanying music videos for each track, very well received.

Out of the uncertainty and darkness of 18 months with no live shows, Ursus emerge into the latter half of 2021 clutching new music, with a defiant and renewed hunger for action. ‘Dethcult’, the first in a series of new singles, investigates the mystery of missing persons and reported anti-Christian, potentially Satanic, activities and worship. 

‘An unidentified group of masked individuals have been seen gathering in the South-West of the United Kingdom. Not much is known about this group, but what can be gathered from the few witness reports available indicate that they have been seen taking part in “cult-like rituals”. These individuals are believed to be involved in satanic worship and the police are advising the public to report any incidents that they believe to have an anti-Christian connotation. As of yet we have no information regarding the name of this group or the identity of any of its members. This news follows reports of several individuals disappearing when believed to be in wooded areas. A camera has been recovered from one of these sites containing partially corrupted images of possible satanic symbols. Should anything resembling this group be seen contact authorities immediately, do not approach these individuals as they are believed to be highly dangerous. God bless us all.’

Vocals: Joe Grimes
Guitar: James Matthews
Bass: Ryan Martin
Drums: Aaron Black

Ursus – Dethcult

Ursus – Self Affliction

Ursus – I, The Fear

Ursus – YourGodIsDead

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