Ursus formed originally in 2015 when we were all teenagers with a very different line up. Over the 2 years after that we played a lot of shows and even released an EP which we have since deleted. For the 3 members still in the band from when we first started, we view those 2 years as a learning experience. Before that we didn’t know how to perform on stage, write music together as a group, or even just run a band. So those 2 years taught us all about how actually to be in a band. Then when we finally cemented a line up and got Joe Grimes on vocals earlier this year, we were ready to take all that we had learned and launch the band properly. People may have heard of us before but his is a completely different band now from when we started. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the name.

We think of Ursus as a heavier and darker version of metalcore. We draw our influence from a lot of different styles and the culmination of all the music we listen to comes out in the songs. Everything from Deathcore to chilled electronic music has influenced our sound.

Vocals – Joe Grimes
Guitar- James Matthews 
Bass – Ryan Martin
Drums – Aaron Black

Ursus Ascension

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