Unmasked – “Behind the Mask”

Release date: 06-01-2019
Label: Self-released
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Germany

Germany’s melodic death metal outfit Unmasked present their debut full-length “Behind The Mask”, a melodic and powerful sonic attack with the lyrical concept revolving around the destruction of mother nature by the human race, as well as the inner feelings that influenced the band during this period.

From left to right: Aileen (Keys), Basti (drums), Chris (vocals), Malte (guitar), Karsten (bass)

In 2013 Unmasked founded in Cologne. During rehearsals of the Pagan Metal band “Galdralag” the founding members Malte, Basti and Aileen got to know each other musically and decided to express their own style with a new band. Initially with two guitars, but without bass and vocals, first ideas were developed and a musical thread was created. After the departure of the second guitar Frank and a bassist and singer was found, with the previously only instrumental ideas for the first time to finished songs could be worked out.

In 2016, Unmasked played their first live gig at a private event. However, during the year Frank dropped out of the band for personal reasons and presented Unmasked with the first big challenge. Together they stuck to the ideas and laid the cards for the future. During the identification phase, new ideas emerged, so giving up was never an option.

An accomplished bassist could be won in 2017 with Karsten, who was able to bring new accents to the songs with the woofer. Finally, for the vocals Chris, who already proved with Widrir, that he can produce powerful growls and also provides live for the necessary energy on and off the stage. Adapted to the new vocals, completely new lyrics were written by guitarist Malte and played by Chris. Together, the quintet now worked on new and existing ideas and played each other.

In 2018, enough ideas have been worked out to start recording for the First Record. In addition, Roland Straller ( was able to find an artist who would create a new band logo, including lettering, and also take over the artwork of the upcoming album. From the winter Unmasked will finally be live. 
Stylistically, Unmasked are somewhere between Progressive Metal and Modern Metal with lots of keyboard and piano passages and tough riffs and growls.

In terms of content, the texts deal with socially critical topics and personal feelings.

For fans of In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Metallica, Arch Enemy and many more

Unmasked – No Regrets

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Band location –  Cologne/Bonn Germany.

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