The underappreciated. The outcast. The misunderstood. These people feel like they don’t have a voice. People look at them and never give them a second thought. They want a chance to prove themselves and show that they are worth something. Underestimate personally knows what its like to be these people.

Underestimate is a five-piece metalcore band based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Combining harsh, heavy, and groovy riffs with personal and inspiring lyrics and different but perfectly blending vocal ranges, we make our own memorable sound.

We only want to invoke change in these dark days. In a world where people cut off relationships for simplistic views, ignorance roams rampant, and hate destroys our species slowly each day, we only want to be the ember. We want to let those who feel like they’re in the 1% know that there are more like them and that they have the power to stand up and prove others (as well as themselves) wrong. Show people how wrong it is to underestimate.

Underestimate – Addictive Existence

Underestimate – Social Disclosure

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