Under the Tongue

Under the Tongue

“‘Waterfall’ is the first song from the up and coming album ‘Art Of Perception’ from the Berlin bas Alternative rockers Under The Tongue. There is definitely something else at work here. More to this world than what meets the eye.
So it is your decision what to do with this information, whether you want to bury your head in the sand or do something to improve it… is up to you,” says Mark from UTT

Under The Tongue are a Berlin based alternative tribal rock duo that are Mark Eden (vox/guitar/programming) from Melbourne and Julia Eden (vox/bass/piano) from Berlin. Their music consists of a beautiful collage of styles composed of simple powerful guitar lines and singalong choruses set against a back drop of groove driven, lavish drumscapes and some lush piano by Julia which adds an eerie soundtrack presence.

Under The Tongue creates an atmosphere where the audience participation is as important as the music itself. Live, the duo uses 2 loopers, guitars, bass, piano and percussion. Using the loopers enables the band to utilise the many layered vocals, guitars and drums that are so prevelent in their recordings and gives a spontaneity to the performance.

The band can easily be turned into a 3 piece, which includes a live drummer who adds another dimension to the live performances. Mark is an Australian International award winning artist/singer/songwriter who has written over 700 songs and has released several successful solo albums before forming Under The Tongue with Julia in 2008. ‘Potions’ is the latest album by the duo which won the International Electronic/Alternative Rock Academia Awards album of July 2015. Potions was mastered by Bob Ludwig (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Puscifer…etc). Influences are The Beatles, Puscifer, Oasis, Depeche Mode, Ben Harper and film scores…

UTT have just finished their 3rd album „Art Of Perception“ which will be released early 2018.

Under The Tongue – Waterfall

Under the Tongue – Troubled Mind

Under the Tongue – See How They Run

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