Under The Mountain

Under the Mountain is a new band coming out of the West Coast of Canada, playing intense rock n’ roll, and heavy metal, with a groovy feel to it.

Two high school buddies who grew up in Nanaimo (Myles Young/Steve Plantz) had moved away from home for a couple years, and were reunited back in their home town in the summer of 2009. They decided they needed to create a band, and quickly found bass player Curt Patrick.

Curt, who started out as a guitar player, was originally from Weyburn, Saskatchewan. He’d moved to the West Coast and eventually met Myles at a job site, who heard he played bass and asked if he wanted to jam. That night Curt showed up to jam, and Myles and Steve knew they’d found what they’d been looking for.
It was just over a year of trying out different drummers trying to find the perfect fit for the music they were creating, when they finally met Fred.

Fred had moved to Canada from China in hopes of learning more about professional music. He was introduced to three long haired, bearded guys. Not being able to speak English very well made him quite nervous, but he pulled through! Three months later, Under the Mountain was formed and ready to play shows!

In February 2020 Fred left the band and long time buddy, Jon Holden jumped in on the drums. Now, they’re in the process of writing their third studio album and will be getting in the studio early 2021.

Under The Mountain – Black Velvet

Under The Mountain – PPT

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