UndeaD Killer

UndeaD Killer

Founded in Chía in 2002 by Leirbag and Wulf.

At first the name of the band was only “Undead” and in the early years who played and composed the battery was Wulf, the bass was interpreted by an old friend called G’.

Between 2003 and 2004 they had several presentations at different rock festivals in Chía and at the end of that year, G’retired for reasons of absentism in the band.

During 2005 they only dedicated to comparing many new topics.

Then, at the beginning of 2006 a new vocalist was introduced: the Immortal Buffon,

who had a unique energy projection in the band which still maintains thanks to one of his themes composed of the words of Buffon. They continued to appear in different festivals of metal and rock in Bogotá, until at the end of 2007 the Buffon retired and it is there when Wulf became a vocalist bassist, and a new drummer called Hugo entered the group. Thus they remained in sessions and few presentations, Until the end of 2008 where they had a recession. During all that first era they kept their repertoire with a home demo filled with their own songs called “Undead 2099”, with which they came to know in the bars, music events and the Internet …

After a few years, at the beginning of 2015, its original founders Leirbag and Wulf met again with a new firm and old friend: 8A, who gave the final touch the band needed, since thanks to him they changed the name to “Undead Killer” and renewed all its aesthetics. Consolidated in 2016 with this definitive training, they produce their first official “DespescuezNarizOrejamiento” video on their YouTube channel, they launch their first official demo “Demo 2016” and an Ep session called “Red Sessions” and perform new and energetic presentations in Bogotá.

In 2017 they are still presenting in various events in Bogotá while they produce together with Colombia Metal Garage, a single titled “Death Machine” and they can finish their first official album called “Awakening of the undead killers” and accompanied by a series of three official music videos

UndeaD Killer – Doom Knight

UndeaD Killer – Reign of Terror

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