At the border of several worlds, Unburnt‘s unconventional music is organic, sometimes dark or ethereal, tensed between emotion and brutality. In the same vein as Neurosis, Unfold or The Ocean. The lyrics are poetic metaphors inspired by an intimate experience and taken trough the filter of esotericism

In 2018, the French post-metal band released its new EP called ‘Æthereal for Ltd USB Drive & Digital on Bandcamp, a second record after ‘One’ (2015), which possesses an almost cinematic quality that guides listeners through various passages and evokes a multitude of moods.

A fine example of the band’s songwriting skills would have to be the EP’s closing track, “Nebula”, preseted right now in a moody and kaleidoscopic music video. Be entranced by stunning visuals and indulge in progressive post-metal supremacy after the break.

Watch the official music video of “Nebula” | Get your physical/digital copy / Stream the full EP on Bandcamp

For fans of Neurosis, The Ocean, Unfold, Tool…

Vocal : Seb
Guitars : Jul & Nico
Bass : Yoann
Drums : Tom

Unburnt – Eclipse

Unburnt – Missing Pieces

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Band location – Colmar France

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