Unborn Prophecy

proudly presents Ocean [Lyric Video]

“Ocean” is a track taken from the band’s upcoming album “Waking Our Ancient Memories”, due for release on April, 28th, 2023 via Wormholedeath.

Inspired by the apocalyptic prophecies of ancient cultures and their ancestral wisdom, as well as the aboriginal roots of the band members, “Waking Our Ancient Memories” is a conceptual album that features Unborn Prophecy’s original sound. With a sound heavily influenced by Technical and Groove metal bands like Opeth, Obscura, Gojira, and Decapitated, the band aims to capture the fury of nature and their ancient roots.

Unborn Prophecy was founded in 2018 by lead guitarist David González and drummer Juan Carlos Suárez, both from a previous project that played covers from several metal bands. After that period they began working on their own material. Their unique sound has made them one of the most anticipated bands in the Costa Rica metal scene.

The lineup for Unborn Prophecy consists of David Gonzalez on lead guitar, Juan Carlos Suarez on drums, Paulo Matarrita on bass guitar, Jeancarlo Murillo on rhythm guitar, and Sley Martinez on vocals.

“Waking Our Ancient Memories” cover & tracklist:

  1. Namasol
  2. Whispers
  3. Silencer
  4. Ocean
  5. Ancient Alchemy
  6. Forgotten Gods
  7. The Seven Blood Lines
  8. Awakening of Tiamat
  9. Prophecy

Unborn Prophecy – Ocean

Unborn Prophecy – Waking The Ancients (Album Teaser)

Unborn Prophecy – The Unborn & Whispers

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