Uh Oh and the Oh Wells

Uh Oh and the Oh Wells

Uh Oh and the Oh Wells Warm Catchy Rock N’ Roll

A strong new classic  indie rock outfit called Uh Oh and the Oh Wells has hit the scene and they hit it hard with their self titled LP. A splendid string of songs take you through acoustic classics and heartfelt rockers and most of them are  nailed to near perfection. The LP is a ride indeed and puts Uh Oh and the Oh Wells on the forefront of the indie rock podium. “Where’s The Door”, the bands single is a top notch example of what to expect form this LP. Here is what the band had to say about their record:

“The album is a breakup album from a former way of life. It’s about old habits being broken, close friends fading away and new friends being made, and saying goodbye. The typical sounds in the single that bleed into the rest of the album are the guitar licks. I didn’t hold back when writing the guitar parts and that’s why the band has three guitar players. There’s a randomness of classic tunes that shows up in the rest of the album.”

Uh Oh and the Wells – Where’s the Door

Uh Oh and the Oh Wells – Brain Dead

Uh Oh and the Oh Wells – Tumbleweed

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