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Connecticut band TURKEY VULTURE have just released a spooky cover of “In the Pines” which was originally made famous by Nirvana.

Frontwoman Jessie May commented “Over here at Turkey Vulture headquarters, we are serious Halloween enthusiasts — so what better day than Halloween to put out a spooky cover? The song was recorded at home in Garageband with acoustic guitar, cello, and percussion. We recorded two vocal tracks and panned one to either side, trying to play up the characters in the song. ‘In the Pines’ has so many different versions and we are excited to add ours to the tradition. Thank you, Ghost Cult, for sharing it with the world!”

Listen to the song here: https://www.ghostcultmag.com/exclusive-premiere-turkey-vulture-in-the-pines-acoustic-demo/

Order the song here: https://turkeyvulture.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-pines-acoustic-demo

Track Credits

  • Jessie May — vocals, acoustic guitar, cello
  • Jim Clegg — percussion, recording/production

Connecticut’s genre-bending newcomers Turkey Vulture have prepared an acoustic demo single for release on October 31st.  Their steady, haunting interpretation of the folk song “In The Pines” hearkens to the duo’s Americana influences.  It was recorded by Turkey Vulture’s drummer Jim Clegg at home using GarageBand, with the anticipation of professional recordings in early 2020.

Frontwoman Jessie May said of the track, “We’re not the first band to cover ‘In The Pines’ and I hope we’re not the last.  I heard the Nirvana version when I was a teenager, and then learned at some point that it was based on a 1940s recording by Leadbelly.  This took me down the folk music rabbithole… If I had to pick a song that first got me into Americana and music history, it’s ‘In The Pines.’   There are so many different recordings and verses, all with a common tragic thread.  Our version is based on the Nirvana and Leadbelly ones, but played in a minor key.  We also adapted some of the lyrics that are on Bill Monroe’s 1952 recording, and added a few of our own words to continue the story.”

But who first penned that instantly recognizable chorus, and when?  “In The Pines” is thought to come from Civil War-era Appalachia, but the exact date and composer are lost to history.   Now a century and a half later, Turkey Vulture carries on the spirit with one microphone in the den.  Happy Halloween!

Preorder “In The Pines” here: https://turkeyvulture.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-pines-acoustic-demo

Track Credits

  • Jessie May — vocals, acoustic guitar, cello
  • Jim Clegg — percussion, recording/production


Heavy duo Turkey Vulture have just released a new video for their track “Boxer” via Ghost Cult Magazine. The song is taken from their recently released EP of the same name.

Watch the video here:  http://www.ghostcultmag.com/exclusive-video-premiere-turkey-vulture-boxer/

TURKEY VULTURE are now streaming their new EP Boxer via Ghost Cult Magazine. The EP is set to be released this Friday. 

The band commented “Boxer is two tracks and just under five minutes, so I don’t know if that makes it a single or an EP.  But anyhow, thank you Ghost Cult Mag for giving the internet its first listen!  These songs, “Boxer” and “Jolene” (a cover of the famous Dolly Parton number) represent the most punk aspects of our set list.  Turkey Vulture is fueled by the mythology of the American Dream, an ambition that is designed to be just out of reach for so many of us.  If you just worked harder, or had the right outfit, or cut out gluten or got your degree, ALL THIS could be yours….

But this is a dream that fuels consumerism and lines the pockets of the 1%, not a dream that’s supposed to come true.  As the pigs told their farmyard brethren in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “Day and night we are watching over your welfare”

Connecticut heavy duo Turkey Vulture has added a bonus track, “Bee Avenger,” to their upcoming EP Boxer.  This goofy slice of everyday life features music composed by drummer Jim Clegg and recorded in GarageBand, with vocals adlibbed by guitarist/vocalist Jessie May immediately following a showdown with an angry yellow jacket.  “Bee Avenger” will be available exclusively to bandcamp subscribers.  

Boxer will be available in digital and CD formats on June 28th, 2019. Pre-order here: https://turkeyvulture.bandcamp.com/releases

Subscribe to Turkey Vulture here: https://turkeyvulture.bandcamp.com/subscribe

Americana-inspired metal with a punk edge might not be the first thing you affiliate with southern Connecticut, but such is the daily bread of Turkey Vulture. A band named for a majestic if reviled scavenger, this hard hitting duo is out for blood. They fuse the sounds of Motorhead with Social Distortion by way of The White Stripes and even Dolly Parton. Belting out anthems that protest the suffering of our modern age, Turkey Vulture is New England’s latest punk rock hope.

The band is preparing to release their debut EP, Boxer: a two song affair recorded by frontwoman Jessie May’s Owl Maker bandmate Simon Tuozzoli at his studio UP Recording. The title track is an Animal Farm-inspired cry for economic justice, railing against the 1%. The second, perhaps far more unexpected offering, is a gritty punk tribute to Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene.” There is a universal sort of power to the folk rock backbone of the band, and it is rooted in May’s decade-plus playing upright bass in local folk acts. When it’s driven forward by the chaotic and at times terrifying drumming of her bandmate and fiancé, Jim Clegg, the band is able to tap into something wholly their own.

While May and Clegg have been playing music together for over ten years, it was only recently that they got engaged. This project combines not only the power of their personal relationship but also their standing as scene veterans. Clegg, who has a background in art and graphic design, provides Turkey Vulture’s artwork; the compositions themselves are a mutual affair. The band is preparing to drop the EP in June with an extended follow-up later this summer. Then they hope to take their blend of sounds all around New England, driving their love for music and hatred for systematic oppression to brave new heights.
Boxer will be available in digital and CD formats on June 28th, 2019. Pre-order here: https://turkeyvulture.bandcamp.com/album/boxer

Turkey Vulture – Boxer

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