Trivial Nonsense

Trivial Nonsense

Trivial Nonsense has grown quickly. After only a year together, they had already been signed to West Records, shortlisted as a potential opener for Bon Jovi, and were working on their next full album. After buying out their contract and choosing to go independent, Trivial Nonsene’s ambition isn’t halting, with a full National tour in the works to promote their next album. Hoping to spread their sound across the United States and perhaps the rest of the world, the band isn’t holding anything back. All of the band members have been playing music their entire lives, with most of their experience coming from performing with each other, including the newest members; Armando Gonzalez, lead electric; Chuck Hawkins, bass; and Evan Zacharski, rhythm guitar. Coming from many different music genres (Brandon Lighty, lead vocalist and guitar player through indie rock and folk, and Luke Mayer, the percussionist through punk) Trivial Nonsense brings a new and unique sound to the alternative style. A sound that has consistently sold out venues and set record attendance numbers at others.

Trivial Nonsense – Save Your Problems

Trivial Nonsense – Down to This

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