Trick Shot

Trick Shot
Nothing I’d Rather Do
Release: 12 May 2023

Trick Shot are an Australian ‘New Wave of Classic Rock’ band from Adelaide, South Australia. The band formed in 2023 from a collection of 80’s inspired, dad bod muso’s who met in the dank corners of the local scene and who all just couldn’t get enough Bruce Springsteen, Iron Maiden and every guitar hero who has ever graced the industry.

Their unique package of entertainment fuses these big 80’s guitar sounds with catchy melodies mixed with a smile on their faces and a love for their music. They are dive-bombing their way to freedom that will make you want to get up, sing along and dance your troubles away.

Now hailed as Adelaide’s coolest dad band by all the single mothers, Trick Shot are rocking their way into the hearts of their followers, punters, and media alike and have previously released their debut single ‘We Got The Night’ that has gained them several spins across the radio dial at home and abroad.

The band consists of singer/guitarist, Ian Poole, bassist, Dave Varacalli. With their follow-up single ‘Nothing I’d Rather Do’ alongside ‘We Got the Night’, the band announces their sound; fist pumping choruses, big guitars and unmatched positivity that have become their calling cards.

Trick Shot’s debut album, “Magic Bullet” is slated for a June 23, 2023, release date and is the talk on everyone’s lips. The album was written by bassist Dave Varacalli in an inspired 3-week span with the raw demo’s given the breath of life through the production wizardry of Ian Poole each song telling the tales of the times, interactions, interludes between country towns and big cities and what it is like to feel alive.

Armed with their brand and their songs, Trick Shot are embarking on the old school theory of playing until their fingers’ bleed and have several live shows locally lined up and will add as many shows as possible to their schedule in due course.

Trick Shot are the antithesis of a conundrum wrapped in an enigma, yet you cannot deny the one important fact, they rock you like a hurricane, and you will find yourself singing along to their infectious tracks even before you fall in love with them.

About the single:

‘Nothing I’d Rather Do’ is a song of hope, a song to let you forget all the wrong in the world if only for three minutes. Get your bum off your seat and let your spirit follow’. – Dave Varacalli

Band members and instruments played:

Ian Poole – Vocals/Guitar
Dave Varacalli – Bass/Vocals

Hailing from:

Ian was born in Chelmsford, Essex, England and moved to Australia in 1982. He arrived in Adelaide in 1985 and has resided there ever since.

Dave was born and bred in Adelaide, South Australia and has lived in the State all his life.

Musical influences for each band member:

Ian’s influences include Iron Maiden, Steve Vai, Frank Zappa, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Scatterbrain, Extreme, George Benson, Slayer, Guthrie Govan, Adam and the Ants, Dream Theatre, Steel Panther, Anthrax and most 80’s guitar rock/metal

Dave references his greatest song writing influence as Bruce Springsteen, also citing Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd as those who shaped his sound. His love of the Class of 1987 stems from Guns n Roses, Def Leppard, Poison, INXS and the multitude of one hit wonders of that auspicious year.

For fans of:

New Wave of Classic Rock, guitar-based rock, AOR rock, Melodic Rock

Upcoming dates:

20th May 23 – West Thebarton Social Club, Thebarton South Australia
4th June 23 – The Governor Hindmarsh, Hindmarsh South Australia
24th June 23 – The Cumberland Hotel, Glanville South Australia
14th July 23 – Residency at West Thebarton Social Club South Australia
21st July 23 – Residency at West Thebarton Social Club South Australia
28th July 23 – Residency at West Thebarton Social Club South Australia
4th August 23 – The Three Brother’s Arms, Macclesfield South Australia

Trick Shot – Nothing I’d Rather Do

Trick Shot – We Got The Night

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