Torn Away – As We Rise

Available from Misanthropik Records.

  1. God Complex
  2. Made of Stone
  3. Waste
  4. You Don’t Know Jack
  5. Sinner
  6. The Grey Matter
  7. The Viscera Enigma
  8. Torn Away

Cameron Frechette: Vocals Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Joe Huls: Bass Guitar
Kevin Bindschatel: Drums/Custom Percussion
Recently joined by:
Marcus Shaffer: Lead/Rhythm Guitar (does not appear on the album)


Following on from the huge success and popularity of their 2019 Demo EP, Flint Michigan groove metal act Torn Away have been busy in the studio. The band, now energised with renewed vigour and determination have developed their skills as both musicians and writers and delivered a stunning piece of work in the form of their debut album ‘As We Rise’

Opening with the thumping ‘God Complex’, Torn Away leaves no doubt that they are here to impress. Cameron Frechette’s chunky riffs pulsate deeply throughout and the whole band gel together in a rock frenzy. “Money talks” is the theme of the track as Cameron’s vocals drive this point home. Up next we have a more melodic number in the form of ‘Made of Stone’, this shows the more developed side of Torn Away. Slow and easy in some parts, only to let rip with an explosive attack on the ears in others. ‘Waste’ shows the diversity within the band, some solid head thumping riffs, an almost Diamond Head middle, scream vocals, clean vocals, storming bass work and a killer solo. What more could you want?

‘You Don’t Know Jack’ is dark and dangerous, as serial killer songs go this one is right up there. I love how evil Cameron Frechette makes the guitar solo sound and there’s some solid drumming from Kevin Bindschatel here too. Next up is ‘Sinner’ this one bleeds rock from the off. If it’s head shaking rock you are after, then ‘Sinner’ is the track for you.

The album’s stand-out track is next. The superb ‘The Grey Matter’. This track impressed me from the first time I heard it on last year’s Demo EP. Now it has been taken to the next level. It’s the track that left me wanting to hear more from these guys. I love the bass work Joe Huls brings to this. The song oozes class, it has a swagger to it, it has mesmerizing vocals, a deep rocking groove and a real sense of achievement to it.   

‘The Viscera Enigma’ continues in the vein of well written, well played groove metal. Beginning with a beautiful slow tempo introduction, the excitement builds as this grows into a formidable rocker. I get reminded of Michael Schenker at the last part of the song (not a bad thing)

Final track, the eponymous ‘Torn Away’ closes the album in style. It is a perfect number to end on, yielding all that we have come to expect from the Flint rockers. 

‘As We Rise’ is one of those albums that grows the more you hear it. Influences from the likes of Pantera, Iron Maiden and Megadeth amongst others. Several tracks will be familiar to those that have heard their Demo EP. The rawness that the EP produced has been moulded and nurtured so that the songs are now fuller and stronger. Torn Away have certainly brought out an album to be proud of.

If you like melodic, groove metal by a band that gives you 100% then ‘As We Rise’ is well worth seeking out. 

“AS WE RISE” arriving December 5th, 2020 from Misanthropik Reords.

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