Tomorrow’s Eve

Tomorrow’s Eve

TOMORROW’S EVE release their early Progressive Metal albums “The Unexpected World” and “Mirror Of Creation” digitally for the first time

With their brand-new album “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros” the Progressive Metal institution TOMORROW’S EVE have made their comeback more than a respectable success. On 27th of July, 2018 the band is upping the ante and releasing their first albums “The Unexpected World” and “Mirror Of Creation” for the first time digitally now. These early masterpieces were released in the years 1999 and 2003 and have been out of stock and not yet digitally available. The Prog Metal band now makes this up with the digital release on their own label BAZE Records in cooperation with Dr. Music Records. Already in 1999, TOMORROW’S EVE proved with their debut “The Unexpected World” that their mix of melodic and brutal Progressive Metal is trendsetting.

Both early works are now available on all major digital platforms: Amazon | iTunes (MOC) | iTunes (TUW) | Google Play | Spotify | Apple Music (MOC) | Apple Music (TUW) | Deezer | Tidal | YouTube Music


TOMORROW’S EVE are, thanks to their brand new album “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros”, which has been released on 27th of April, 2018 in Europe and on 25th of May, 2018 in the USA, back in full force in the current day’s events. Their comeback, which could not be more majestic, varied and bombastic, shows the band consisting of singer Martin LeMar (Mekong Delta, Lalu, Nachtgeschrei), both founding members guitarist Rainer Grund and keyboard player Oliver Schwickert as well as the two new band members in the person of bass legend Mike LePond (Symphony X, Ross The Boss) and drummer John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, Labyrinth, Ark, TNT) on the peak of its creativity so far. Musically, a driving rhythm section, sensitive piano passages, acoustic guitars and extensive soundscapes merge. The ‘Mirror Of Creation‘ provides complex song structures that demand the listener, but alternate recursively with catchy choruses and shallow sounds. The dramas of the past and perhaps of the future human history are presented so emotionally and challenging that goosebumps are guaranteed. An album not only for fans of powerful driven forward Progressive Metal, but also for fans of orchestral epics, which are refined by chaotic aggressive keyboards, but never neglect the melodies. With the eleven varied new songs on “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros”, which were produced together with Markus Teske (i.a. Saga, Vanden Plas, U.D.O.) TOMORROW’S EVE succeed once again to strengthen their reputation and to convince the worldwide music media! Throughout the world, positive to overwhelming press feedbacks reach us:

  • Rock It! (9/10): […] sehr druckvoll und begeisternd […] ein Progressive Rock-Album der Spitzenklasse.
  • Eclipsed (8/10 | Soundcheck 10/20): […] von vorn bis hinten ein international konkurrenzfähiges Produkt […] bombastisch-druckvolle produziertes Prog-Epos […] Prog Metal Fans greifen hier definitiv zu
  • Rocks (7.5/10): Ihr cleverer Prog Metal speist sich gleichermaßen aus satten Riffs, Keyboard-Bombast und griffigen Refrains – Anklänge an Dream Theater und Symphony X inklusive.
  • (8.5/10): TOMORROW’S EVE schaffen es, Progressivität und Eingängigkeit zu verbinden wie nur wenige Bands. […] immer noch die beste Metalband, die das Saarland zu bieten hat.
  • (8/10): […] schließlich endet auch der zehnte Hördurchlauf, ohne dass das Album auch nur die geringsten Abnutzungserscheinungen zeigt, und es wird klar, dass TOMORROW’S EVE ihrer an Highlights wahrlich nicht armen Diskografie mit „Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros“ einen weiteren Meilenstein hinzugefügt haben.
  • Rock Hard Italy (8/10): Elegante, raffinato e magniloquente, il terzo capitolo di “Mirror Of Creation” si dipana lungo trame complesse ed elaborate, all’interno delle quali la componente tecnica rappresenta una garanzia di qualità. […] Credenziali di tutto rispetto per un’opera di livello superiore.
  • MariskalRock (8.5/10): Esto es Metal Progresivo de quilates y dejarnos llevar por la apatía sería un triste error que nos impediría apreciar una obra sublime, sembrada de múltiples detalles que en forma de deliciosas incursiones orquestales, sinuosos teclados, agresivos riffs y virtuosos solos de guitarra harán las delicias de todos aquellos amantes del género.

Already the two previously released video singles showed that TOMORROW’S EVE are to be reckoned with again and the break has done them good. With the help of their staccato-like high-speed imagery, which takes your breath away, the Prog doyens put their finger into the wounds of contemporary society (Trump, Malala, impoverishment) with their lyric video for “Bread And Circuses” and thus underline the dense atmosphere, which contributes significantly to the overall effect of this extraordinary Progressive Metal album. In the clip “Dream Within A Dream” they show the perfect fusion of music and lyric video into an extraordinary unity and transport the profound, thoughtful lyrics, which clearly show Edgar Allen Poe’s lyrical concept of his works, in a modern sci-fi look reminiscent of “Minority Report” or “I, Robot”. Both video clips result from the collaboration with the English creative allrounder Andy Pilkington (i.a. Threshold, Orden Ogan, Gus G.), who is also responsible for the artwork of the new concept album with his agency Very Metal Art.

If you have not yet gone on an extravagant musical journey of a special kind, then get TOMORROW’S EVE’s new masterpiece “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros” at one of the following records dealers or digital platforms now: EMP | Nuclear Blast | Napalm Records | Amazon | | MusicBuyMail | Saturn | Media Markt | | Weltbild | Grooves | ExLibris | WOM | JPC | Season Of Mist | FNAC | SoundPollution | Bengans | CDON | | | | | | | | | | iTunes | Google Play | Spotify | Apple Music | Deezer | Tidal

To keep up to date with the latest developments, tour dates and events around “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros” and TOMORROW’S EVE, check the quintet’s website and Facebook page

Tomorrow’s Eve – Dream Within A Dream

Tomorrow’s Eve – Bread and Circuses

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