Tommaso Varisco

New Single and Video: “September Is”

The song’s lyrics are a poem from a friend, she wrote it in her early teens and it’s about a mate of hers who died so young… Pictures are provided by the Italian photographer and artist luca swanz andriolo, aka swanz the lonely cat, also a crazy banjoist

Tommaso Varisco is a songwriter based in Veneto, Italy, near Chioggia.

He released his first album “This Is How I Feel” back in 2006, receiving appreciation from music press.

In 2011 he teamed up with Mike 3rd, guitar player for Ex KGB and Tunatones.
The collaboration gave birth to the album “Always”, which mastering was in charge of Ronan Chris Murphy, well known for his works with King Crimson, Steve Morse and Tony Levin, amongst many others.

“All the Seasons of the Day” is a kind of new start for Varisco, showing a disillusioned approach to life and relationships, but also his aim to discover new and unknown places, travelling in body and spirit, always in search of his musical roots.

Tommaso Varisco – September Is

Tommaso Varisco – Big Sleep

Tommaso Varisco – hey d**?1?

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