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PD. What type of artist are you

TI. Sweaty and bleeding. Harmony loving and distortion loving. We really like the religious experience of playing live. We have a broad perspective. Everything from slow teardrops to mayhem punk.

PD. Tell us the brief history of yourself.

TI. Some of us has played together in different bands since almost we came out of the sack. But as Tomma Intet we started like two years ago. We came up with the idea on a mountain in spain. It was a hazy but starry night. Then we went to Jacob Mårtensens cabin in the woods and recorded for a weekend and released some songs and then it kind of took of with a lot of shows pretty fast.

PD. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

TI. There are so many. But we tend to dig a little further in the crates. A lot of stuff from the sixties and seventies. But we keep an open mind. But to me personally I have to say that Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys and Nirvana had an huge impact on me. People inspire us. Both good and bad. Mostly bad nowadays. Everything and nothing. Oh and David Lynch.

PD. What are your dreams and goals?

TI. Feeling free and writing music. I don’t want to regret not doing so on my deathbed. Get stuff out before shit hits the fan. Sing ¨More than this¨ in a karaoke-place in Tokyo. Tour a lot. Then silence for a while and then tour again and so on. But I guess feeling free and write music is what matters the most.

PD. Who writes your songs, what are they about?

TI. Mange Petersson has written most songs on the album ¨…And the fallen universe¨ But we co write a lot of stuff together aswell. Morbid but loving and longing inner space trips through the purgatory and then to Paris and Verona. And everything in between. Something like that.


PD. How do you promote your band and shows?

TI. With a lot of help from our record label Lövely Records. And we also do a lot of work ourselves. You have to work extra hard these days to break through the wall of fucking shit that you get your head smashed into. Empty vessels makes the most sound and so on.

PD. What do you think about downloading music online?

TI. I think it’s great but no one really does that anymore right? It’s all streams. But when it comes to streaming the problem is that the smaller artists are not getting enough money. It’s a really great way to reach out but not a very fair one.

PD. What song do you wish you’d written and why?

TI. Rock n roll all nite. To steal money from Gene Simmons! Or maybe something on the top ten all time played songs on spotify so We didn’t have to work regular jobs unless we wanted to for the rest of our lives. Or god only knows. Because if you can write something like that you are in another dimension.

PD. What are some of your pet peeves?

TI. People chewing loud with their mouth open in the morning or talking loud on buses. Or play shitty music loud in buses. Guess you can just ask people to shut the fuck up. But we are modest Swedes anyhow and silence is our friend.

PD. What is your proudest moment in music?

TI. All the ones when someone tells me that something that I or We wrote means a lot to them.

PD. So what are you working on at the moment?

TI. The next album. We maybe release an Ep before though. It’s election in Sweden this fall and we have this song on our album called ¨Moderat¨ and it’s about the spoiled right wing assholes in the swedish party Moderaterna. We wan’t to release that one with maybe four other punk songs just to stir the pot a little bit.

PD.  Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.

TI. Bengans this saturday in Gothenburg. And then afterwards a show in Borås the same day. It’s going to be great and we are really eager to play the songs of our new record! Sounds great.


Band location – Gothenburg, Sweden

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