Tom Welsh

Tom Welsh

Debut double release: Everything That Might Be // Time Runs Away With You – August 7th 2020

Tom Welsh, from Chorley in Lancashire, has been writing and performing songs for the last 10 years around the North West as a solo artist and as part of various bands. Initially taking musical cues off various northern luminaries fromThe Beatles to The Verve, the songwriting craft has increasingly become an obsession for Tom. Fascinations with timeless tracks that transcend genres and eras has lent his writing a succinctness, working only to serve the song and its meaning.

This ethos has been helped by meeting up-and-coming Manchester-based producer Kevin Foy, who understood Tom’s desire for authenticity in recordings and the belief that the performances should be a snapshot of the time.

Various issues and insecurities over the years have kept Tom from pushing his music, but life events and the acknowledgement of the need for both support and change have provided a reason to put his songs out and become an active part ofthe music community.

“I always felt like it was enough justto write songs that I thoughtstood up with the best of what I’m into, even if no one heard them. It kind of still is, but more recently I’ve realised that part of that was me just being scared of putting myself where anyone could judge me in any way. I think I owe it to myself to finally let the outside in and show what I’m about.

” With this is mind, a steady stream of new material is currently being recorded in Manchester, whilst various shelved sessions from the past few years are being revisited for release.

Whilst his songs can often speak of aspects of introversion and its trappings, there is always a hopefulness that comes fromthe lineage of his musical and literary heroes.

 “I feel there’s always something positive to be taken from every situation or emotion, whether that be a life lesson, a line for a song, or gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of other people or their art. Nothing’s lost if you’re able to use the experience in some way, and I think all the best music comesfrom lived experiences, which are then given more meaning from each person who gets it.

” Notes on the songs (released August 7th):

“I just thought I’d test a couple of new songs when trying out Kev’s studio, so there was no real thought of these being a debut of sorts, but I realise now that they make sense to be.

” Everything That Might Be – “The lyrics acknowledge my unhelpfultendency to shut myself off from people, all thewhile secretly hoping someone would break through that and tell me what I want – or need – to hearto move forward.

” Time Runs Away With You – “This comes from the desire to hold onto the nights where everything seems right with theworld but that really don’t get you anywhere. I suppose there’s always a comfort in replaying the past and delaying the inevitable changes, or pretending they haven’t already happened.

” Credits for both tracks: Written by Tom Welsh; Vocals/ guitars: Tom Welsh; Bass: Mark Birmingham; Drums: Paul Stephens; Organ/ keyboard: Emily Mercer (@emilymercermusic on Instagram/ Facebook); Produced by: Kevin Foy

Tom Welsh – Everything That Might Be

Tom Welsh – Time Runs Away With You

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