Three Fourths Francis

Three Fourths Francis
Electric Telegraph
Release: 8 October 2021

On October 8th 20221, rockers THREE FOURTHS FRANCIS will release their debut album Electric Telegraph. The band was formed by a bunch of guys who have been jamming together since they went to St. Francis of Assisi grade school in south St. Louis county. Although the line-up has undergone several changes and rotations over the years, at any given time 75% of the band has been composed of St. Francis of Assisi alumni, hence the name THREE FOURTHS FRANCIS. Their sound is reminiscent of rockers such as CHEAP TRICK, THE ROLLING STONES, THE WHO and ENUFF Z’ NUFF.

The band comments:

“In many ways this album has been decades in the making and is the product of five friends who grew up together with a shared heritage of rock-n-roll. It serves as a tribute to a bygone era of good times and great tunes.  We attempted to blend our many influences into a new sound  which captures their vibe. Throughout the years there have been many forces trying to keep the children of the 80s from rocking, “yet here we stand, guitars in hand, proof that Tipper failed !” 

Track listing
1) Something New
2) Tipper Failed
3) Hoffman’s Grove
4) Sunshine
5) Trailer Trash
6) Kings and Queens of Yesterday
7) Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones Cover)


Mark McInnis – Vocals
Joe Chapman- Guitar
Danny Nichols- Guitar and backing vocals
Mike Wilkes – Bass, Keyboards
Mike Watson- Drums