This Machine Kills Archons

This Machine Kills Archons ‘Get Real’ from new
EP ‘Legal Fiction Gospel Truth’ Out Now

“Mellow rock ‘n’ roll road music”.

This Machine Kills Archons is singer/songwriter R.P. Warrington.

A new EP ‘Legal Fiction Gospel Truth’ explores the real nature of what it is to be free – and not the artificial person of the unnatural world.

The EP is out on all platforms.

This Machine Kills Archons is the moniker of singer/songwriter R.P. Warrington. Based in the UK.

This Machine Kills Archons released a first EP in Nov 2020 called Strange Times Ahead. The EP compiled of 3 songs – ‘Strange Times’, ‘Iron Mountain’ and ‘Computer Brain’. The songs got some radio airplay and positive feedback from radio DJ’s and music reviewers from across England, Australia, Europe, America and Canada.

A new EP ‘Legal Fiction Gospel Truth’ has 6 songs – ‘Get Real’, ‘God Above God’, ‘Head In The Cloud’, ‘500 Million’, ‘Get Out’ and ‘Back From The Dead’. The EP is available on all platforms.


The music has been described as The Ramones meets Mark Bolan meets The Beatles meets Dylan meets psychedelic beach boys.

The previous EP, Strange Times Ahead, was described as having “a strong 70’s vibe…Bolanesque” and “crooning Beatlesy”. One radio station called it “mellow rock ‘n’ roll road music”.


The name ‘This Machin Kills Archons’ is a take on Woody Guthrie’s ‘labelled’ guitar statement – replacing ‘fascists’ with ‘archons’. Guthrie described fascists as a small rich elite of gangsters who set out to “rob the world”. Archons – from the Greek meaning ruler – could be described in the same way, malevolent, sadistic beings who control the earth, as well as many of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The songs hark back to the protest movement with similar sentiments to Guthrie, Dylan and Seeger – a fight against injustice. But not only the injustices of economic turmoil and social disintegration but the more subtle attack on the mind of the common people – the exploitation of good will, turning people against each other and destroying the actual spirit and soul of what is it to be free. A slow decline into technological dependent automatons – machines which perform a range of functions according to a predetermined set of coded instructions. These ‘protest songs’ are about the freedom of men and women to still be a creative force and spread love in the world as sovereign divine sparks.

The new EP ‘Legal Fiction Gospel Truth’ explores these concepts and the real nature of what it is to be a free spirit – and not the artificial person of the unnatural, ‘dead’ world.

This Machine Kills Archons – God Above God

This Machine Kills Archons – Get Real

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