Thine Inner Sanctum

Thine Inner Sanctum Is Looking For A New Label To Partner With! – (Doom)

Release Date: TBA
FFO: My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Tiamat, Triptycon
Location: Glasgow, UK

“Solitary & cold I wake… please I ask, ignite my soul in haste”

With comparisons being made with early My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Tiamat, Triptycon and Draconian. Thine Inner Sanctum is a project born of all things Dark and Doom.

BIO – Since its inception in 2017, Thine Inner Sanctum has been the brainchild of Jay Ross. The fruits of his labour finally bearing its darkened fruit through 2020’s 5 track demo Entwined With a Dying Light. This was very quickly snatched up and released by Ancient Entity Records and it sold out…

Never one to rest on his laurels, Jay had already started on the grand in vision but flawed 2021 ‘quantity over quality’ full length release Dark Sky Weeping. This was also stnatched up and put out via Ancient Entity Records and again the label sold out. With both releases being posted to YouTube via the Order of the black arts channel and amassing almost 2000 plays put the project in good stead moving forward…

What followed however was a hiatus of sorts but in this downtime the project found itself in demand, with two extreme underground labels Narcoleptica Productions & Guts’n’Blood Records stating a major interest to work with the project. This got the doom blood flowing again and work has almost finished on the 3rd album.

…In silence, I wept…

Thine Inner Sanctum are looking for a potential label that may be interested in signing the project for release/distribution or all the above.

In the meantime however, please enjoy this exclusive demo collection featuring a small selection of pre masters and from the aforementioned new album… I give you!

Thine Inner Sanctum – Sea Of Souls (Vocal Demo)

Thine Inner Sanctum – Comatose By Conviction

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