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“Sins” Official Lyric Video

“Sins” is a track taken from Spectra, out via Wormholedeath worldwide.

Canada’s The Wring is gearing up to release a third album in December, which is an amalgamation of different styles, brought together by solo artist Don Dewulf. His project has been growing by leaps and bounds, and this new release will wow listeners across the heavy spectrum. “Spectra” is a bit like a 1970’s King Crimson album, but without any ethereal soliloquies and certainly with a more significant hard rock/metal influence. It is a cauldron of hard rock, jazz, metal, classical, 80’s rock, 70’s rock, and probably a few other things. The performances are tight and meaningful. Dewulf comments on the album:

“I am very proud of the compositions on this album. You will hear rock, prog, metal, jazz, classic rock, and a few other things, covering a wide range of approaches, but still cohesive and very accessible for any kind of listener. Prog music can tend to be grandiose; I wanted this album to be the opposite of that. Tight, concise, and well-executed with interesting melody, rhythm, and lyrical themes. Marco Minnemann’s drums were the first thing to be recorded. His performance set the tone; the other guys had no choice but to play their asses off, and they did!”

To bring his vision to life, Sudbury, Ontario local Dewulf enlisted some of the best professional musicians to play the parts. Marco Minnemann – world-renowned drummer, member of The Aristocrats, and successful solo artist. Chandler Mogel – Amazing singer with a great 80’s vibe. Reggie Hache – Canadian bass superstar. Does his own thing and contributed incredible parts to this album. Isamu McGregor – Session keyboard player with great vision and feel. Together they deliver an expansive, detailed eight-track album that touches on a wide range of musical styles and themes. Each listener will hear something different in the compositions.

The Wring started in 2015, as Dewulf had a lot of material written that needed to see the light of day. He assembled the players and released the self-titled album in 2017. They played some shows, and players drifted off, but there was still an abundance of material. Another batch of studio musicians was brought together to release “Project Cipher” in 2021 and yet another diverse bunch got together for “Spectra”.

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Track Listing:
1. Stiletto 4:40
2. Stones & Bones 4:58
3. The Prince 3.54
4. The Wolf 5:00
5. Tin Man 5:25
6. From Mars 4:43
7. Sins 4:43
8. Fallen 5:05
Album Length: 38:28

Album Performers:

Don Dewulf – Guitars
Marco Minnemann – Drums
Chandler Mogel – Vocals
Reggie Hache – Bass & Keyboards
Isamu McGregor – Keyboards

The Wring – Sins

The Wring – From Mars

The Wring – Stiletto (Feat. Marco Minnermann)

The Wring – Spectra Album Teaser

The Wring – Sorceress

The Wring – The Light

The Wring – Cipher

The Wring – 48 oz

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