The Wring

The Wring
featuring Thomas Lang and Marc Bonilla

“Sorceress is an observation on every man’s devotion to his ‘queen’. A good man will do anything for her. The warrior is the metaphor, adding a small touch of macho hubris.

Marc Bonilla did an amazing job on the vocals, blending some spoken word with great melodies and harmonies. His performance smoothed out the quirkiness of the riffs making for a very interesting and connected final composition.”

“Sorceress” is a track taken from ‘Project Cipher’ album out via Wormholedeath worldwide

“If in the ’80s, Geddy decided to shun the synthesizer and Alex became a disciple of Dave Mustaine instead of Midge Ure, Rush might have sounded something like this.  The album is 7 songs with one instrumental and 6 vocal tracks.  It is a rock record with bits of proggy stuff hidden inside.  The players are diverse and really complement each other and the overall vibe.” – The Wring

“Coming out of nowhere with a completely experienced, well-produced, and polished debut record full of complex compositions and dynamics for vocals, guitar, bass, and drums is Sudbury’s newest best-kept secret: The Wring… I give this album a solid 63 out of the 67 moons of Jupiter, including all four Galilean moons.  Highly recommend it for fans Tool, Opeth, Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, or if you listened to your dad’s records growing up.” – Kipp Grose, Asylum Club

Track Listing:

  1. The Light (4:10)
  2. Sorceress (4:44)
  3. Cipher (4:29)
  4. Steelier (4:25)
  5. Dissension (4:08)
  6. Dose (3:27)
  7. Touch (4:29)

Album Length: 29:54

Album Credits:

  • All songs performed by: Dewulf/Lang/Bonilla/Beller/Henrie/Sadites
  • All songs written by: Music: Dewulf, Lyrics: Dewulf with Bonilla & Kraus
  • Produced by: Dewulf
  • Mixed and Mastered by: Forrester Savell
  • Album Artwork by:  Melissa Friesen
  • Member of SOCAN
  • Canadian Content (MAPL)

Recording Line Up:

Don Dewulf – Guitars
Thomas Lang – Drums
Marc Bonilla – Vocals
Bryan Beller – Bass – 3 tracks
Jason Henrie – Bass – 4 tracks
Jason Sadites – Guest Solo on 1 track


2021 – The Wring2 – Project Cipher
2019 – 48 oz. – Single
2017 – The Wring – Album

The album as a whole:

If in the 80’s, Geddy decided to shun the synthesizer and Alex became a disciple of Dave Mustaine instead of Midge Ure, Rush might have sounded like this. The album is 7 songs with one instrumental and 6 vocal tracks. It is a rock record with bits of proggy stuff hidden inside. The players are diverse and really complement each other and the overall vibe.

Track by track explained Don Dewulf:

The Light – A very fun song to play. Lots of changes and riffs. This is one song where Marc totally took the vocals in his own direction.  I had a much heavier vision but he has a style that really works against the riffs and strange, shifting time signatures.

Sorceress – One of my favourite tracks. The riffs are quirky but really fit the mood. I had composed a very complicated bass part and when I gave it to Bryan Beller, he tossed it out and primarily mirrored the guitar with his bass lines.  While my ego was injured, it turns out he was 100% right… the bass totally drives the song. Marc also did a cool spoken-word part in the pre-chorus which was unexpected and totally fits!  A friend of mine, Steve Kraus wrote the lyrics for this song and they are fantastic.  One of the very few parts not composed by me.

Cipher – An instrumental track. I played this on a 7-string so there is a massive low end. The parts are short enough and musical enough to hold interest without vocals. I really like the bass and guitar solos here too. A combination homage to YYZ and March of the Fire Ants.  Jason Henrie played some killer bass on this track and created an awesome video also.

Steelier – This song started with the pre-chorus – a very jazzy progression in the spirit of Steely Dan. I named the rough early version “Steelier” in that context.  When the lyrics came later, the story is about perseverance and maintaining one’s wonder in the face of adversity so I thought the demo name was appropriate. The chorus is in an odd time, but fits perfectly, I love when that happens.

Dissension – A pretty straight-ahead rocker. I went for a Dio vibe with the lyrics… I could not tell you what Holy Diver is about but the lyrics are awesome.  I tried to capture some of that ‘strength in phrases’ approach. Of course, Triple 6 is a reference to the devil in all of us. Has a cool breakdown and a phenomenal guest solo from Jason Sadites.

Dose – Another fun song with a great chorus. Marc did an amazing job on this song. Lots of little bits of odd time that add flavour and dynamics. Great bass lines and my Lifeson-esque solo. Most of the record is a 1981 Les Paul Custom through a Marshall amp.  In this song, I use a Strat which is very unusual for me.  I like the thin jangle and how it works in this song.

Touch – I love the main riff. It started life as a very Toolish part, but I found it a bit jarring so I added 3 to the 5 so Marc could sing in 4. Good chorus. Cool odd time breakdown and a neat little solo. The end is pure pretentiousness.  The main riff changes time signature 13x but the vocals and reprise of the intro riff smooth it out, so it all works.


The Wring is a progressive rock project created in 2015 by guitarist Don Dewulf who had compiled a large inventory of compositions that he had fully demoed, just needing players to turn the demos into songs.  The project started out in a band format with local musicians and they released a debut self-titled album in 2017.

After a series of live dates sharing stages with Anvil, Diamond Head, and Dead Daisies, the band dissolved.  A chance conversation with Mikael Akerfeldt inspired Dewulf to forge ahead with new material, re-connecting with bassist Jason Henrie and engaging world-renowned musicians to perform, bringing the new songs to another level.

The result of that was “The Wring 2 – Project Cipher” releasing in 2021, which will feature album guests Bryan Beller (Joe Satriani, The Aristocrats, Dethklok, Steve Vai), Thomas Lang (Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Williams), Jason Henrie, and Jason Sadites.

Always starting with a riff, Dewulf builds compositions that showcase his signature blend of classic heavy rock meets prog. The lyrics come after the music is done and are usually a targeted response to an interaction that has sparked anger. The translation of emotion into words is subtle, often belying the more aggressive undertones. Expect more from Dewulf with The Wring3 already in the recording stage!

Shared Stage With:
Anvil, Diamond Head, Sven Gali, The Dead Daisies, Hookers & Blow

Tours and Festivals:
2018 – Budweiser New Music Festival – Sudbury – Finger Eleven, Glorious Sons, Crown Lands

The Wring – Sorceress

The Wring – The Light

The Wring – Cipher

The Wring – 48 oz

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