The Wilderness

The Wilderness

“Virginia Sapphire,” was inspired by revisiting a place that held dark memories – teenage boredom, hopelessness, and the crushing loneliness of suburbia.

The song’s story came out of some really confusing times in my late teenage years. Having moved from a small town in the south east of England to suburban Washington DC, I experienced a huge culture shock. 

I couldn’t wrap my head around how vapid suburbia was and how miserable people were. Returning to the area years after moving away allowed me to create new, positive experiences there.

“Virginia Sapphire” reflects on how coming home and seeing that everything has changed and coming home to see that nothing has are equally difficult experiences.

There is light within the darkness and beauty that can be found in challenging parts of your past.

Thanks for listening to “Virginia Sapphire,” and thanks to Stage Right Secrets for officially premiering the thing: 

We look forward to seeing you on tour and sharing more music in the new year!

While they may be based in Kingston, Ontario, their varying musical and cultural backgrounds add a unique aspect to the musicality of their songs. Hailing from distant corners of Canada, the UK, the USA, and Switzerland, their musical and lyrical work is energizing, at times melancholic, and brings people of all age groups together. Taking influences from classics like Springsteen and Dylan, as well as contemporaries such as Mumford & Sons and Josh Ritter, the Wilderness have thrown comfort aside in pursuit of their own energetic and entertaining brand of Rock n’ Roll.

Comprised of lead singer Jonas Lewis-Anthony, keyboardist and percussionist Liam Neale, saxophonist Nicholas Lennox, lead guitarist Sacha Lansky, drummer Henry Lawrence, and bassist Karl Tombak, the Wilderness are known among their local ranks as one of the hardest working bands in town.

In just 4 years the band has performed nearly 400 shows across North America including Kingston Buskers Rendezvous, Old Roads Festival, MacKinnon Brothers’ Back to the Farm, Ottawa City Folk Festival and Fall For Kingston; having shared the stage with artists such as Reuben and the Dark, the Rural Alberta Advantage, Mimicking Birds, Plants and Animals, and Busty and the Bass.

With three studio recordings under their belt, the Wilderness are gaining fans worldwide with early support from Tinnitist, That Eric Alper, Muse Magazine, Rock The Pigeon, CFRC, York Calling, the Kingston Herald, comeherefloyd, 98.9 The Drive, 96.3 BIG FM, and more.

You can find the Wilderness on stages across the country, busking on the streets, or sleeping at a truck stop somewhere. The Wilderness offer something that will appeal to any music fan.

The Wilderness – Virginia Sapphire

The Wilderness – Fall (Despite What You Do)

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