The Warbirds/Dan Jordan

The Warbirds/Dan Jordan

About Dan Jordan.

Born and raised in Wales, slowly shifting across the map, rolling from sleepy, tucked away towns and villages, (the types of places whose names seem  hazily familiar but are scarcely recalled) and onward to the city-scapes, all the while taking in off-the-cuff inspiration, inspiration that is then moulded into what could be called “songs”. A collection of intimate stories and broad observations. A disgruntled library that gathers dust in the mind until they are call upon once more.

A Conversation:

There has rarely been a moment where Dan has not been part of a music scene (in some form or another). Dan explains, “It seems that, wherever you are or wherever you base yourself, musicians just…emerge, they surround you and form around each other as if there is a natural instinct that draws us to like-minded people”.

After years of playing on many other’s songs, Dan started to write more and more of his own tales and musings. On writing as part of a band, Dan says, “There are always things that you feel need to be said or stories that you want to tell but they don’t always translate whilst wearing another man’s suit – and I mean that graciously”. And so, song writing became more of a solo endeavour. He explains that, “it was a nice feeling to ‘come home’, to find my own way of conveying a story for the first time without having to stray into the potentially muddy rivers, caused by sharing a song between many cooks”.

With the exception of the obvious first album (seemingly written “in a haze” with Bob Dylan records playing on his mind) Dan says that any influences, either musically or artistically, have never been, “consciously mimicked on the records”. In the case of the first album, Dan was, “looking for a simple, musical style as a means of direction”. After this, he realised that, as long as the core stories are there, this “style” could find him instead and so the ethos seemed to be “let’s see what comes out naturally”. If any influences have indeed seeped into the way Dan writes over the years since, then he hasn’t noticed and nor does he seem to really care. Instead, Dan explains, “I love hearing people tell me who my influences are instead – musically, I have no clue! I’ve always thought that one is not the best person to describe oneself, so in that regard, I don’t have an opinion either way”. Everything and nothing?

In a way, it may be that any limitations could very well be Dan’s greatest distinction. In his own words, “I have never called myself a guitarist, a pianist, a singer. I’d feel like a fraud if I were to label myself with these wonderful titles. What is important to me is that I can convey my stories in a simple manner”. Dan goes on to explain that, “Generally, I try not to put too much thought into the music. Once the chords are in place, I usually run with the first idea I get for any of the parts. It’s very natural, fluid. They’re usually recorded in one or two takes and as soon as that track is down, I forget about it and move on. It’s a quick process. It takes longer to re-learn the songs so that we can play them live! But I like this way of recording and writing, it’s organic in the way that they seem a lot more alive when improvised, you get lovely, nuanced moments to your song this way, it’s very of the moment, not forced”.

The songs are also recorded using scrounged instruments and recording spaces that were ‘utilize’ when the opportunities presented themselves. This may go to some way in explaining the sometimes erratic soundscapes and crude recordings within the older records. As Dan explains, “You don’t need to pick up the best or most fancy instruments to get your point across. Hopefully, I like to think that I can scrape by on the merit of a half decent song or tale”. 

Now a trio, Dan’s good friends Sam and Patti (who both feature on the newer albums) make up “The Warbirds”. With Sam’s wonderful electric guitar touch, tone and expression and Patti’s technical and soulful playing style on violin, “The Warbirds” are a perfect backing to Dan’s story-telling. Recording new material as and when the mood hits them,  they have also taken the time to re-work all the ‘classics’ from back- catalogue to play live and are very much looking forward to meeting you all down the road soon!

The Warbirds/Dan Jordan – Seven Deaths of You

The Warbirds/Dan Jordan – Dead Man’s Shoes

The Warbirds/Dan Jordan – Road To Ruin available now

The Warbirds/Dan Jordan – Slow Burn


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