The Void

Spanish Black Metal band The Void released their new single «Sacrifice». The single was recorded, mixed and mastered at “Goat Studios” by Rafa Perez Navarrete and Conny Melefas.

The Void emerged in Las Palmas Of Gran Canaria im 2015. The band has toured a Good part of the island scene, sharing the stage with local and foreign bands such as :

Nephilim, Melasuda, Stonville, Mantilla, Tsjernobil, Malamutte, Doctor Yao, Sadic Smile, Anya, Mortal Wind , Scandelion….

A the end of 2018 they published their first EP titled Cursed For All Eternity, reaping a Good reception.

At the beginning of February ( 02/05/2021 ) they released their first single Sacrifice causing a Good reception

The style of the band ranges form Death/Black metal, with traces of Doom and Thrash metal, all this accompanied by heavy and melodyc rhythms of drums and guitars and accompained by gutural voice, along with its Lovecraftian lyrics, makes The Void a diverse band due to the different influences of its members.

Vicente Lorenzo: Drum
Ángel Díaz: Guitar
David Santana: Guitar
Samuel Abou-Medlej: Bass
Daniel Martín: Vocal

The Void – Sacrifice

The Void – Uruk

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