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The Vaulted Skies new single What If I Were The Boy?

The Vaulted skies, a Post-Punk quartet from various locations around the UK, are releasing their new single, What If I Were The Boy?, on the 5th November 2021. The band, comprised of James AJ Scott (Vocals & Guitar), Ben Singleton (Guitar), David Ferenc Korosztos (Drums) & Andy McFarlane (Bass), have been described as one of the most criminally underrated alternative acts in the UK

The Vaulted Skies is easily one of the most criminally underrated alternative acts in the UK right now. Anyone with a proclivity towards pensiveness and pioneering alt-rock should be paying attention – Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory

If Arcade Fire had a scuffle with Placebo, they’d form this eight-legged monster – NME


James Scott (Guitar, Vocals) talks us through the story of the song…

“A long time ago, at a college far, far away, I was paired up on an acting assignment with one of the popular girls. While we were alone in a rehearsal space, she asked me if I wanted her to do something to me, using a phrase I didn’t understand at the time, because I was naive and innocent. I assumed it would involve some kind of physical pain or humiliation – like a wedgie! – so I said no. I realise now of course, that she was propositioning me. Given that context, I also realise that she said something else that alluded to a very troubled home life. Knowing what I know now, while I still wouldn’t have taken her up on her offer (she was high, as usual), I wish I’d recognised the cry for help underneath it all. I don’t know what happened to her. I can’t find her on social media. Mutual friends have lost touch with her. I may be inventing a reality that never came to pass, and she might be perfectly fine; but this song captures the panic I felt when the memory of unwittingly rejecting her advances suddenly came back to me, which haunts me to this day.


Of the five songs we recorded together recently [of which the band intends to release one every 4-6 weeks] this track is probably closest to the sound we’re known for; certainly in terms of Andy (McFarlane)’s bass, and the flanger-heavy approach to my guitar parts and wailing vocals.” Indeed, Scott often jokes that he spends 50% of his time trying to sound more like The Cure and 50% of his time trying to sound less like The Cure! There’s even an infographic conveying as much somewhere in the band’s social media archive. Overall it’s a subtle segue to the heavier direction the band was heading in before lockdown anyway, with David (Ferenc Korosztos)’s drums a cacophony of double kick intensity and intricate snare fills, channelling the late Joey Jordison and shifting the track firmly into Savages territory. Meanwhile Ben (Singleton)’s understated guitar lines are reminiscent of his work on earlier Vaulted Skies singles like Versus Heart. The calm before the storm of the next 4 songs due for release, which lean into the band’s grungier tendencies and showcase Ben’s considerable talents as a lead guitarist.


Not only does this quintet of songs mark the first time this quartet has recorded together (Andy completed the current line-up following departure of previous bassist, Karly Poulton in 2019), it also marks the first time the band has ever tracked material live together in the same room. “The chemistry of this line-up is really special, and we’ve worked hard to achieve a balanced and dynamic sound. I wanted to capture that,” says Ben, who – armed with a Degree in Music Technology and a Masters in Music – took the role of executive producer and engineered the recording and the mix. “When it came to mastering, we also knew Sara Carter would be the right person for the job. Her rock and indie credentials are just right.”

The Vaulted Skies – What If I Were The Boy? 5th November

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